L&L Exclusive Premiere: "Roll It Back" with LUTHI August 6, 2019 19:35

Interview by Tiffany Clemons: Live & Listen

The funky septet that is LUTHI knows how to bring the party, and it’s a big one. “Boogie Circus” is the most colorful description of their sound so far. “We like the term Cumberland Funk too,” says frontman Christian Luthi, an homage to the river that flows through its Nashville home and a sound that blends the city's often under-appreciated musical history. What’s very evident in talking with (what they call) “The LUTHI Crew” is the shared passion for helping others let loose.

In anticipation of their new single, “Roll It Back,” that drops everywhere on Friday, August 9, (pre-save it on Spotify), we were recently able to catch up with Christian Luthi (lead) and Amber Woodhouse (sax, vocals, sparkly wardrobe) to ask a few questions. As a special bonus, we have the exclusive premiere of "Roll It Back" available for you to stream today! 

LUTHI has quite a crew. Tell us how LUTHI became who it is today, and if you could have any artist dead or alive join the crew, who would it be and why?

Christian / Amber: The band came together organically. We focused on finding incredible people who were also incredible players. It’s very difficult to choose just one artist, but Prince would be quite the experience!

You are no "Stranger" to being on the road, most recently with Moon Taxi. What are some things that you learned from touring with them, and what are you looking forward to most when you hit the road in a couple of months with Magic City Hippies?

Christian / Amber: Moon Taxi has a great fan base so it was cool having the opportunity to meet so many new fans face to face. We can’t wait to travel to new markets and make new friends and fans on our tour with Magic City Hippies as well. (Check out the recap from Moon Taxi’s NYE show with LUTHI and Sparkle City Disco)

Your new single “Roll It Back” drops on Friday, and I think everyone can agree that we grow up too fast. What inspired the song?

Amber: Inspired by his time hanging with his niece over Christmas, Christian wanted to write a song about how quickly we all grow up. He says, “When we’re young we want to be old and when we’re old we want to be young.”

When it comes to creating new music, what does that process look like for the LUTHI crew?

Christian / Amber: It generally starts with the kernel of an idea, whether it’s a lyrical concept or a melody. We get together as a team and focus on listening to each other's ideas. The synergy between the crew is what brings those ideas to life.

And speaking of new music, can we expect the full follow up to "Stranger" anytime soon?

Christian: We will be releasing various singles throughout the rest of the year, and we will be compiling all of them for a physical release in the near future.

I’ve been lucky enough to catch you live a handful of times, and it truly looks like you take off to another planet (in a good way!) when performing. It's clear that you love what you’re doing. What keeps you going night after night?

Christian / Amber: We all truly feel that we were put on this planet to play music, and we feel very blessed to do it alongside our closest friends. We know we’re better together. Also, the energy from our audience gives us new life every night. 

Catch LUTHI’s infectious energy on tour with Magic City Hippies this fall and a special Halloween show with Moon Taxi at Avondale Brewing Company in Birmingham, AL. Check out their full schedule and pre-save “Roll It Back,” streaming everywhere Friday, August 9, 2019.