Bird Dog Jubilee Preps for Late Night at Aisle 5 on October 1st September 21, 2022 09:00

Photo by Katherine Avery 
Words by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen
Atlanta-based jam band Bird Dog Jubilee recently announced the details on their next hometown throw down at Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points. Those who follow the local music scene can attest to the fact that this band has become a true staple over the better part of the last decade. Their latest announcement comes in the form of a late night set at Aisle 5 immediately after the red hot Goose wraps up night one of two at nearby Pullman Yards on Saturday, October 1st
They're fresh off the release of their first full-length album, Bird Dog Jubilee, and currently working on the release of their next single. While the lineup has seen a few changes over the years, founding members RJ Fyfe and Kyle Denis couldn't be happier with the latest additions of Iain Thomas (drums) and DJ Rees (guitar/keys). The band couldn't be more locked in, and October 1st looks to be another killer chapter in the BDJ story.
We recently caught up with members of BDJ to get all of the latest details. Our full Q&A can be found below. Tickets are already moving fast for this one, and if you're planning on making it to the show, we recommend grabbing your tickets today. This show will almost certainly sell out in advance, so do yourself a favor and click here to secure your spot. 
Artwork by Danny Evans: This Old Engine 

How has this year shaped up for the band thus far?

Kyle Denis: Releasing our first full LP was a highlight. We put our whole heart into recording the songs and were able to polish arrangements to give our fans some surprises that differ from the live versions. Aside from our LP, we've been keeping busy on the road more than ever. From our debut in New Orleans all the way to Charleston, we have hit a stride with touring.

What has the focus of the band been since getting settled with the current lineup?

RJ Fyfe: Since going through a couple lineup changes over the years, and most recently during the pandemic we feel great about the current lineup. We are the most together we have ever been and that is really proving rewarding for us. I think that this lineup has certainly allowed us to explore different avenues while really achieving a big sound.

Aisle 5 seems to be home base for you guys. What is it about this venue that works so well for you guys?

RJ Fyfe: Aisle 5 is our home in Atlanta. No doubt about it. There are a ton of great venues in our city, but Aisle 5 is where we really feel comfortable. Some of our best shows have been in that room, and the staff are literally like family. Being able to fill a room with friends that have been to every show, or maybe their first show, is a really gratifying thing for us.

What's on the horizon for BDJ the rest of this year?

Iain Thomas: We’re back in the studio, putting the finishing touches on our next single so look out for that soon. It’s a ballad called "Stormy Seas." Plus, we have a lot more songs lined up to record. Along with a busy tour schedule which we are looking forward to adding to it, we are going to continue to hit venues around the southeast.

For those who might be catching their first BDJ show on October 1st, what can they expect from y'all's performance?

Iain Thomas: For people checking out their first BDJ show, you can expect it to be completely unique. As we do play Aisle 5 a couple times a year, we make a conscious effort to make each one of the home town shows completely different than the last. You can expect to hear original music, both new and old, with new covers each time.