About Us

Live and Listen, LLC is a music production and apparel company aimed at increasing public awareness for charities, local businesses, and music. One part of our business strategy is to build awareness of the artists and/or groups via the Internet, social media, and live events. We feature various up-and-coming artists/groups through a tireless social media campaign. Live events are booked, promoted, and funded by Live and Listen and our sponsors.

We strive to help artists/groups increase exposure to new markets and demographics, while hosting events featuring these artists, groups, and our sponsors. All Live and Listen events are centered around specific fundraising efforts for various local charities. A percentage of all ticket sales and business sponsorships are donated to a specific local charity.

Live and Listen offers a service which includes, but is not limited to, booking, promotion, and funding of live music events. We seek to feature up-and-coming artists and groups at a number of independently run events, each event being tied to a specific local charity. We sell this concept and service to a number of concert halls, bars, and venues who in turn increase their own revenue by allowing us to host an event. Our goal is not only to facilitate a top notch concert, but to help increase business sales for our partnered venues and local business sponsors.

All artists/groups will have the opportunity to be featured across our website and social media outlets. This marketing and promotional service for individual artists and/or up-and-coming groups increases their exposure through a variety of featured interviews and live performances. Our awareness campaign is aimed to specifically open up new opportunities for exposure in markets and demographics that our clients have not yet reached.