Help The Captain Midnight Band Record Their Next Studio Album November 20, 2017 10:48

America's favorite 'waterbed rock & roll' band, The Captain Midnight Band, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to engage with their fan base and raise funds for their next highly anticipated studio release. With just one week remaining in this campaign, the band is hoping to finish strong and take the next step towards the recording studio. As the revenue of album sales and royalties continue to diminish in this digital music era, the various expenses associated with the recording process are still very real. Every donation and every dollar makes a tremendous effect on the band's success. See below for the band's official press release, and click here to learn more about the band's campaign. 

Dear friends, fans, and freaks...

We've got some brand-new WATERBED ROCK & ROLL ready for your hungry ear holes! These are our best songs yet and we can't wait to share them with you! We believe that music delivered with positive intention and purpose is a powerful, healing force. Please help us take it to the street!

The Captain Midnight Band has always championed the undefinable energy that occurs between band and audience. Our combined efforts create magic together at live shows, so it stands to reason that a studio album, created by the same freaky team will yield special results.

The band has been road-testing this material getting it ready for the studio. After releasing 3 self-produced albums, and working these tunes out in a live setting, we're confident we can make this record sound great while working efficiently. Since much of our old home studio gear is broken, breaking, or no longer compatible, we're reaching out to you, our friends and fans to help us get this project completed.

The campaign consists of 4 parts...

  • 1. Recording - we've just recorded drum and bass tracks in a commercial studio here in Nashville. They sound killer, and by replacing a couple key pieces of gear in our home studio, we'll be able to finish the record ourselves, without cutting any corners in regards to sound, performance, or vibe. We need a new audio interface, monitors, a new vocal microphone, and a ProTools software update. A huge benefit of this is that we'll have the ability to use  this gear for future releases!
  • 2. Promotion - more live shows in new markets to spread the gospel of Waterbed Rock & Roll. We're also going to take advantage of some print, digital, and social media ads to make sure everyone knows about this record. We're long-overdue for a music video, so that's coming too!
  • 3. Packaging - printing up CDs with killer Artwork and having the tracks mastered for optimal sound quality.
  • 4. Rewards - These will range from simply pre-ordering the new album to private, full-band performances with lots of cool stuff in between. Participate at whatever level you're comfortable.

For over a decade, we've taken great pride and pleasure in bringing you a pure vision. We have no label or mgmt, but we're not fully a Do-It-Yourself operation. YOU, the folks who show up, buy albums and merch, book us for shows, and spread the love, and welcome us into your homes are the investors. You have always been the investors. As long as you keep showing up, we'll be there to play for/with/at YOU!

We're beyond grateful that you've taken interest in helping The Captain Midnight Band bring this dream to life. This new record is precisely what we need to continue the upward momentum. We truly can't wait to put smiles on faces by sharing this new music with the world.

Thanks for all you do.


Risks and challenges

The songs are written and halfway recorded. The real risk would be cutting corners or delaying a release because of financial shortcomings. This being our 4th record, we've figured out how to work more efficiently, and get great-sounding results without spending a fortune. We've already tracked the drums, and have priced the pieces of gear we need. We're ready to rock. Lets do this!

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Watch Captain Midnight Band perform "Jennifer In My Dreams" here: