Funk You Prepares For Latest Album Release 'What's On Your Mind?' August 29, 2018 13:23

Funk You's upcoming release, Whats On Your Mind, simply put is an honest album. After several years of touring the country and fine tuning their talents, Funk You settles comfortably into their own identity with this album. A strong and vibrant energy keeps the listener engaged throughout their listening experience without slowing down. Whats On Your Mind? has soul, authenticity, and everything else that we have come to expect from a band establishing themselves as a national presence like Funk You. 

You can catch Funk You in action this Saturday night (September 1st), as they'll be playing their official album release party at Terminal West in Atlanta. Special guests Andy Frasco & The U.N. will be providing direct support, while local five-piece Zale will get things started.

We're giving away a pair of tickets to the show, and it couldn't be easier to enter the contest. Simply 'share' this post from the Live & Listen Facebook page and tag a friend in the comments section. 

Check out the exclusive stream of "What's On Your Mind?" here:

We recently caught up with Funk You lead guitarist Evan Miller to learn a little bit more about the band's new album. Check out the conversation below and stay tuned for further updates.

Tell me about the overall recording process of this album. Any change in approach from previous recordings?

Evan: This record was made in a very similar way to our last album, Apparitions. Everything was tracked live in the studio as a band. After we got a good live feel with the energy we wanted to capture, we would go back in and overdub/add parts as needed. Our drummer, Will Clark, owns the studio (Prana Recording Studio), so it's very comfortable in there for that. 

How did the songwriting balance out this go round? Has much of this material been in the existing live rotation? 

Evan: The songwriting for this album was spread a little more evenly than the past releases. A few of the songs were old songs we had put on the shelf. Once we played them in the studio we realized the potential and went for them full force. I think those decisions paid off with a lot more input from everyone reworking those tracks. Most have been in rotation over the past year or so which allowed us to figure out which direction we wanted to take them. 

How does this album reflect where you guys are as a band?
Evan: I'd say we've really gotten a much more mature sound out of our writing and performance in the studio. 

What can fans expect at the album release party on Saturday night?

Evan: I'd say be prepared to expect a little bit of everything. But mainly, one big party with a bunch of friends. We are really excited for this show!