Elaine Cole Releases Debut Single "Blame It on the Roses" May 20, 2019 23:17

Elaine Cole recently debuted her first independent single, “Blame It on the Roses”. This sort-of love ballad, or tune of trial was written entirely by Elaine, and recorded with the acclaimed John Mailander (fiddle), Cory Walker (banjo), Jake Stargel (guitar); mastered by Austin Lee, all in their hometown of Nashville, TN.

Elaine Cole (born Rachel Paschket) began her musical career as a child, singing in church choirs and music camps in her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. Shortly after moving to southern California as an adolescent, Elaine's vocal abilities recieved recognition in the forms of a Macy Award as well as an Outlook Award, both for best overall vocal performance, as a result of vigorous theater and vocal trainings.

After spending early high school years studying in a musical theater environment at OCHSA, Elaine took her musical knowledge and applied to her southern roots. This bred a rabid appreciation for bluegrass and roots music, prompting her to join The Stolen Faces, where she would recreate the vocal abilities of Donna Jean Godchaux in a touring Grateful Dead tribute.

From singing with Elizabeth Cooke, Allen Thompson, and Todd Snyder, to starting her own band with Bradley Rosen (The Stone Hollers), Elaine has followed her passion of delving into the Americana. Elaine released her first solo original effort, "Wait For Rain EP" in August 2017. She is now working towards her newest solo effort, "Blame It on the Roses", a single produced with the help of some friends.

Stream "Blame It on the Roses" here: