Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Go In Depth On Guitars With Rig Rundown March 22, 2017 23:06

Photo by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen

One of rock and roll's most powerful couples, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, seem to be everywhere these days, and the Tedeschi Trucks Band has easily become one of the hottest touring acts in the country.  The two, along with TTB bassist Tim Lefebvre, recently sat down with Premier Guitar's John Bohlinger before their 3-show residency at the Ryman in Nashville. While this might not be a gear-heavy band, there’s plenty of soul, groove, and vibe.

Derek Trucks is not one to switch guitars. A longtime SG man, his current No. 1 is a prototype of a 2013 Gibson Dickey Betts signature custom shop SG—but with actual vintage PAF pickups. Trucks keeps a similar SG as a backup, but only plays it when he breaks a string, and then he usually switches back as soon as the string has been replaced.  Susan Tedeschi’s No. 1 is a stock 1970 Stratocaster that was a gift from Derek after he inquired about what her dream guitar would be. She keeps it strung up with D’Addario (.011–.049) strings. Tim brings a pair of basses on the road with Tedeschi Trucks. Here is his custom CallowHill bass nicknamed the “asshole bass” by the late luthier Tim Cloonan. Hidden underneath the pickguard is a sopabar pickup that can be mixed in.  

See below for the full 30-minute session with Tedeschi, Trucks, and Lefebvre, and make sure to visit the band's Facebook page and official website for all of the latest TTB news.

Watch Derek & Susan's 30-minute rig rundown with Premier Guitar here: