Bob Weir Officiates Backstage Wedding At Citi Field June 26, 2017 23:02

Bob Weir was a busy man this weekend, but that didn't stop him from officiating the wedding of a longtime friend backstage at Citi Field on Saturday night. Real estate investor William “Billy” Procida, who jumped on stage and performed with Weir seventeen years ago, confirmed that the two became great friends following that show. The ceremony, which was also attended by Dead & Company pianist Jeff Chimenti, lasted approximately 15 minutes, with Weir and Chimenti hanging around after to chat and take photos with the 50-60 guests in attendance.

Immediately following, the family and around 2,000 of their closest friends celebrated and occupied an entire section at Citi Field for Dead & Company's Saturday night show. “Seventeen years ago I jumped on stage and did an encore with [Weir] and we became great friends,” Procida told Page Six on Monday, adding he’s been in with the band ever since. Procida also noted that the ceremony was “beautiful and funny,” explaining that “at the end, [we] forgot to sign the marriage license. He was getting on a golf cart to go on stage and I had to chase him!” (via Page Six)

Watch footage of the wedding ceremony via Page Six here: