Artist Feature: The Main Squeeze

Written by Stuart Haddow: Live & Listen Contributing Writer

This past summer I was introduced to the diverse groove of The Main Squeeze; interweaving Funk, Soul, and Rock into what they call an “infectious feel-good gumbo,” this band creates melodies and jams that will leave you wanting more. Originally formed in Bloomington, Indiana, but now based out of Chicago, TheMain Squeeze caught my attention after I watched a video of their soulful, refreshing rendition of the Grateful Dead’s “Eyes of the World.”  With lead singer Corey Frye’s voice soaring and the band seamlessly jamming to this timeless classic, I was hooked quick enough to buy a ticket to their upcoming show at Smith’s Olde Bar. I went into the show hopeful and walked out blown away by what I had seen. It was a Tuesday night but the band made sure the crowd was acting like it was the beginning of the weekend.


Never wasting a moment, the band kept pelting the audience with funky rhythms and piercing solos. Even though Corey Frye commands the front with his vocals and stage presence, what makes this band great is how the musicians behind him compliment each other perfectly. While Ben “Smiley” Silverstein (Keyboards) and Max Newman (Guitar) alternate through scorching solos, Reuben Gingrich (Drums) and Jeremiah Hunt (Bass) hold down the rhythm section that keeps everyone bouncing. Before Frye joined the Main Squeeze, their songs were mainly instrumental and there are plenty of times during the show when the singer will take a break at the side of the stage and let his bandmates let loose on an extended jam. The majority of the group’s material has a heavy influence of funk and you may have even heard their recent single  “Message to the Lonely” on Sirius JamOn. However, in my opinion, the best song to see live is the hard-hitting “I’ll Take Another.”



After grooving to soulful funk all night, I was knocked off my feet when Frye’s voice shot through the smokey room “Give me one more!” which was shortly followed by a powerful, raging rhythm led by Newman’s heavy guitar licks. Just an example of how this band can send you in different directions at any given moment. Now, with all of this being said, this is still a young group that is building their catalogue and discovering what works and what doesn’t. You may like them or you may not, but I am excited to see what they have in store for the music scene. They only have two albums out and I would recommend listening to their self-titled, “The Main Squeeze” (2012). Check out the videos below, the album, the dates, and if you like what you hear.....go see them live and judge for yourself!

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