The Road to AURA: Chuck Garvey of moe.

We couldn't be more excited about being a part of The 6th Annual AURA Music Festival on March 6th-8th at The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL.  As a part of the festival's promotional efforts, a number of this year's performers are participating in a feature called "The Road To AURA".   For our first installment, we caught up with Chuck Garvey (guitar/vocals) of moe. to find out what we can expect from the seasoned veterans from Buffalo, NY this year.

-Over the years, Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park has become the home to many of the nation's most anticipated annual music festivals.  What do you think makes the park so special?

Chuck:  The Camping has always seemed pretty cool, along with the super vibey natural beauty of the whole site. I really like the Amphitheater Stage area - the trees and Spanish Moss, along with lights and music at night make for a very surreal, amazing concert experience. It's amazing anywhere you might be: whether you're onstage or in the audience!

-While several bands play on multiple days, moe. is the only band performing two back-to-back sets this year.  How does a moe. festival set differ from that of any other show the tour?

Chuck:  It's often inspired by the location and sometimes by other musicians at the festival. We might have sit-ins from other bands, or maybe just a new twist on our own music that comes from something we heard that day. Set lists are usually written "day of", so they can take on the personality of their surroundings.

-This year's AURA lineup is as impressive as ever.  Will you guys be able to stick around after your sets to see any other performances?

Chuck:  Unfortunately, we have to bolt directly to Nashville, so we will only be on site until a little after midnight. We might catch a little bit of Papadosio's set, in addition to music earlier in the day on Friday.

With the amount of performers on hand, the possible artists collaborations are endless.  Should fans expect any special surprises from you guys?

Chuck:  There's always the possibility of a special guest .... Yanked from their own band to make noise with us. It all depends on which one of us is writing the setlist. The whole thing is pretty casual, so I can't say to expect anything specific! Maybe I can spontaneously explode under the lights onstage. I can only do it once, though...

Festival attendants can catch two full set's from moe. on Friday, March 6th on the Amphitheater Stage.  First set will begin at 7:30 PM EST, and the second set will follow at 9:15 PM EST.  For further information and all things AURA, head over to