Watch SUSTO's National Television Debut On 'CBS This Morning' January 30, 2017 09:21

Charleston-based alt-country group SUSTO has been making major waves across the southeast since its break through self-titled release in 2014, and 2017 looks to be its biggest year yet.  After recently announcing a national tour supporting The Lumineers, there is no doubt that the band's exposure and visibility will be at an all time high in early 2017.  

Earlier this month, the band released a new full-length studio album called "& I'm Fine Today." Making their national TV debut on "CBS This Morning: Saturday," Susto performs three brand new tunes, "Far Out Feeling," "Waves," and "Jah Werx."  See below to watch all three tunes, as well as learn more about a band that is on the verge of becoming a household name.

Watch SUSTO perform "Far Out Feeling" on 'CBS This Morning: Saturday' here:

Watch SUSTO perform "Waves" on 'CBS This Morning: Saturtday' here:

Watch SUSTO perform "Jah Werx" on 'CBS This Morning: Saturtday' here:

SUSTO is the brainchild of Justin Osborne. It was born out of collaboration between Osborne & various colleagues including but not limited to Johnny Delaware, Wolfgang Zimmerman, Nicholas Scott Woodley, Jordan Hicks & Camilo Miranda. These collaborations took place between 2011 & 2013 in Charleston & Havana.
Early writing & recording for SUSTO began in late 2011.

In early 2013 Osborne began performing solo in South Carolina & Cuba under the name of SUSTO. By August of that year SUSTO was performing as a full band. In addition to Osborne covering rhythm guitar, keyboards, & lead vocals _ this line-up included Taylor McCleskey on drums, Eric Mixon on Bass and Johnny Delaware on lead guitar & background vocals.
By early 2014 the debut self titled album was finalized & subsequently released by Osborne & Delaware's label Peninsula Records on April Fool's Day (04/01/2014).
After an extensive North American solo tour (Summer 2014) in support of SUSTO's debut album, Osborne returned to Charleston where he formed a new live band including Gordon Keiter on drums, Matt Lohan on bass and background vocals, & Corey Campbell on lead guitar.