Watch Bob Weir's Acoustic Performance With Joe Russo's Almost Dead November 17, 2016 00:35

Joe Russo's Almost Dead has been sweeping the nation by storm and just finished up a two-night California run last weekend.  The band made stops in San Diego at House of Blues on Friday night and The Fox Theater in Oakland on Saturday night.  The Oakland show has been a particularly hot topic, as the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir stopped by and joined the band a during the acoustic segment of the highly praised super-group's set.  JRAD, which is comprised of Joe Russo (drums), Marco Benevento (keys), Tom Hamilton (lead guitar), Dave Dreiwitz (bass), and Scott Metzger (rhythm guitar) are known for keeping an upbeat tempo and playing much of the Dead catalog perhaps just one step faster, before launching the jam into "outer space."  

Seeing the band in the more recently introduced, stripped down, acoustic setting with Weir was more than a treat for those in attendance.  Weir ultimately surfaced after the opening tune ("It Must Have Been The Roses"), and remained on stage for "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, "Black Throated Wind," "When I Paint My Masterpiece," and "Cassidy." Fortunately, front-row footage of the entire acoustic set has surfaced via TimeZonerTV.  Watch in full and check out the complete setlist from the Oakland show below.

Set 1 (8:00PM – 10:13PM)
Jam ->
Good Lovin’ (SM) ->
Cumberland Blues (All) ->
Help On The Way (TH) @ ->
Slipknot! ->
Music Never Stopped (SM)
He’s Gone (TH) >
The Wheel # (All) >
Jackstraw $ (SM & TH)

Acoustic Set ^ (No Set Break)
Must Have Been The Roses % (TH)
Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall + (BW)
Black Throated Wind + (BW)
When I Paint My Masterpiece + (BW)
Cassidy + (BW) ->
Let It Grow Jam + ->
Cassidy + (BW)

Set 2 (10:33PM – 11:59PM)
King Solomon’s Marbles
Row Jimmy (TH)
Estimated Prophet (SM) ->
Uncle John’s Band (All)
Eyes Of The World && (TH) ->
Jam *->
Throwing Stones (SM) ->
Deal Jam & ->
Throwing Stones (SM) ->
Hey Bulldog Jam ^ ->
Throwing Stones (SM)

E: One More Saturday Night (SM)

@ – Proceeded by an emphatic “Shakedown Street” Tease
# – With an “Head Over Heels” (Tears for Fears) Tease (MB)
$ – During the jam before the final “We can share the women…” lyrics, the stage was transformed seamlessly for the acoustic set. MB’s piano was moved (while he was still playing it), a small kit for Joe rolled out on a riser, mics & stools were placed for SM, TH & BW.
^ – All songs with MB on Upright Piano & Vocals, TH & SM on Acoustic Guitars & Vocals, DD on Upright Bass & JR on 3 piece kit – Kick, Snare & Hi Hat – & Vocals.
% – Almost Dead only
+ – With Bob Weir on Acoustic Guitar & Vocals as indicated
&& – With a DD Bass Solo & an MB piano solo
* – Contained elements of Throwing Stones
& – First Time Played By Almost Dead
^ – Beatles cover, first Time Played By Almost Dead as an instrumental. (The full song was played on 2016.07.02.)
This was probably the longest show Almost Dead has played, at about 3:39.

:: Setlist via Joe Russo’s Almost Dead ::