Umphrey's McGee Braves The Storm For Wild Night In Charleston June 4, 2018 13:40

Words & Photos by Nicholas Lintz: Live & Listen

While the weather tried to ruin what felt like a one-day festival last Thursday night, Umphrey's McGee and their supporting cast prevailed. Umphrey's was prepared to headline with two sets alongside opener Perpetual Groove at the Grove in Patriots Point down in the low country of Charleston SC, an area the Umphrey's frequently resides. Shortly after the gates opened, a massive storm crept up the coast and dumped what felt like a foot of rain on The Grove, forcing forced Perpetual Groove to end a little early. But a little rain wasn't going to stop this party. As soon as the storm passed, the staff quickly managed to get prepped for Umphrey's to take the stage, while folks continued to roll in by both car and boat.

While you could find some dry areas, I found myself stepping around in six inches of water all night. I have never been so excited get outside and dance in the rain. The stage was set for what was sure to be a special occasion with Umphrey's. I saw more kids jumping in puddles and more smiling faces than I've seen in quite some time. After the staff rebounded from the heavy storms, Umphrey's quickly took the stage and began delivering the funk. What was supposed to be two sets turned into a massive, nonstop 13-song set. The eventual triple encore included the debut of "What We Could Get," as well as a Pink Floyd "Comfortably Numb" cover. You can also find the full setlist + footage from the encore below. 

While the lights that Umphrey's travels with are always elite, the acoustics created by this unique tree-surrounded clearing by the water made the overall production that much more special. The teams from from Friends With Benefits Productions, known for events such as The Major Rager, as well as Charleston's WEmusic, were responsible for bringing us all the heat on this wild Thursday night. FWB focuses on community-driven events that help the surrounding areas. Thursday's event raised funds for two more than worthy, local causes: Communities in School Charleston and the Rockers 4 Knockers.

After the guys from Umphrey's shut down the Grove, much of the crowd progressed to the afterparty, which was just a short quarter mile walk away from the show. The afterparty was kicked off by a very a fresh rhythmic local group called The Artisanals. This would set the stage for the eventual debut of Doom Flamingo, a brilliant new all-star group of Charleston musicians including bassist Ryan Stasik, keyboardist Ross Bogan, drummer Stuart White, saxophonist Mike Quinn, guitarist Thomas Kenney, vocalist Kanika Moore. This group brought together some unprecedented, psychedelic fueled 80's jams that I have never seen in such fashion.

While each independent artist had something special to bring to the table, the lovely Kanika Moore stole the show with her alluring vibes and rhythmic melody. If there was anything I took away from this weekend, it was to not miss anything Friends With Benefits has a hand in, and that the 'Rise of Doom Flamingo' will continue to be an exciting, special evolution. We are excited to see what the future holds here at Live and Listen. 

Artwork by Kyndall Cooper

Setlist: Umphrey's McGee - The Grove at Patriot's Point - 05.31.18

Set: Make It Right, In The Kitchen[1], Get In The Van, Mantis > Xmas at Wartime, You & You Alone, Sociable Jimmy > Puppet String, 1348 > Half Delayed > 1348, Day Nurse > Mantis

Encore: Miss Tinkle's Overture, What We Could Get[2], Comfortably Numb

[1] with Dr. Feelgood (Mötley Crüe) jam
[2] debut, original

show played as one set due to the weather

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