Turkuaz Releases New Music Video For "Doktor Jazz" July 11, 2016 17:23

Photo by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen

Ever since being introduced to Turkuaz back in 2014, this band has simply dominated our personal playlists.  The nine-piece "power funk army" from New York has since taken the festival scene by storm, bringing a level of energy and new age funk like we have never seen before.  Earlier today, Turkuaz released their most recent music video for "Doktor Jazz," a tune off of their most recent album Digitonium (2015).  

The band seems to enjoy embrace the old school 80's approach to their videos, as the video for "The Generator," the first single off Digitonium, has a similar vibe to it.  This approach feels entirely appropriate for Turkuaz, who is known for their dynamic stage presence and color-coded stage attire.  If you're not yet riding the Turkuaz power funk bandwagon, the time is now.  For those of you who are, sit back and enjoy the latest work from one of the most entertaining touring bands in America.  Head over to the band's official store to purchase the entire Digitonium album today.

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