The Wild Feathers Return To Avondale Brewery On Thursday Night March 8, 2022 10:36

Our friends at Big Friendly Productions have another exciting week ahead for Birmingham music fans, as Nashville-based Americana outfit The Wild Feathers returns for another performance at Avondale Brewing Company on Thursday, March 10th. Fresh off the completion of the Big Friendly Takeover, the local production company brings their show back to the main stage on Thursday night.

Just as you would expect with any nationally touring act, the past year was full of plenty of ups and downs for The Wild Feathers. While a number of COVID-related reasons presented multiple setbacks throughout the year, the band spent much time on the road with acts such as The Allman Betts Band and Blackberry Smoke, including a performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in late October. 

In preparation for Thursday night, we caught up The Wild Feathers' Joel King (bass guitar) to get all of the latest info about the past year, as well as what lies ahead in 2022. Check out the full conversation below, and head over to Avondale's ticketing page to secure your tickets in advance!

We've finally progressed into a year in which the COVID climate seems to be headed in the right direction. Tell me about how the course of 2021 treated The Wild Feathers in general. How did you guys manage to stay the course?

Joel: We just try to do anything and everything possible to stay busy and sane. Going out with Blackberry Smoke and The Allman Betts Band was a lot of fun. There were a few set backs, positive tests, and delays, but overall, it was a blast. Then we put put out Alvarado and did a headlining run. It was such a relief to be back in a regular club playing as long as we wanted for our most die-hard fans. The crowds are not fully back to 100%, but it’s only getting better as people are getting braver.

With the calendar seeming to have more promise and consistency in 2022, what is the band most excited about this year?

Joel: We're most excited about enjoying what we have. We’re always looking ahead too much and trying to milk every situation. I just want to relish in a good old fashion rock and roll show. There’s a pretty good variety of club, theater, and festival dates that will keep us on our toes. One of our favorite places to play, The Mercy Lounge, is closing, and we will be playing a very special show in April to say farewell. I’m also really excited about playing Pappy and Harrietts near Joshua Tree. We have been patrons there many times but have never played a full set.

It's been nearly six months since the release of your most recent album Alvarado. This was a rather quick turnaround from your 2020 release Medium Rarities. What was this recording process like, and how was it unique from those of the past?

Joel: Alvarado is our most unique record to date. We have always went to a cabin to work out songs for a new record, but this was different. Usually, we would get a voice memo, then go track a demo at my studio, and then go into the studio with a producer. We decided to streamline the process and scraped together all the sweetest recording gear we could find. On this session, we were going for a vibe and performance. There’s nothing like playing a song for the first time. Not hammering it down to where you don’t even like it anymore. Most the time, you’re not set up to record while jamming, so that’s the point. Capturing it. It really does sound like a band just having fun making music.

Later this week, you guys return to Birmingham's Avondale Brewery for what is sure to be an exciting show. What is it about the energy in the deep South that makes shows like this so special?

Joel: Birmingham has always been one of our favorite spots to play anywhere. We love the city, the people and the food. To me, it’s always had a little bit of a Nashville vibe. Most people in Birmingham have a little better taste in music, art, food and history than some of the surrounding scenes. It’s a special place.

Let's say you were speaking with someone who is planning to attend their first Wild Feathers show in Birmingham this week. What should they expect from the moment you take stage until the encore concludes?

Joel: If you are coming to see us for the first time ever, I am jealous of you (laughs).I love when people don’t expect who is singing or what’s coming next. We trade off lead vocals then into harmonies, then into guitar solos, then into outer space. Everyone in the band has a distinct personality and talent that keeps everyone in the audience and on stage guessing. As far as an overall vision or goal for the year, just one word: Enjoy!

Stream The Wild Feathers' latest album Alvarado here: