Listen To Phish's New Studio Album 'Big Boat' via NPR Music September 29, 2016 13:04

Veteran jam rock band Phish recently announced the release of it's 13th studio album, Big Boat.  Very few details of the album were provided at the time, but we have since learned much more.  While Phish has officially released two singles, "Breath and Burning" and "Blaze On," they are now allowing fans to stream the album in its entirety via NPR Music (see below).  Fans will recognize tunes such as "Blaze On" and "No Men In No Man's Land," which were both debuted in the summer or 2015, as well as "Tide Turns," "Waking Up Dead," and "Breath and Burning," which were all debuted over this past summer's tour.  We can't help but notice the absence of two of our favorites from 2016, "Let's Go" and "Ass Handed," but we're keeping our fingers crossed for another potential "bonus album" similar to Party Time after the release of Joy in 2009.

Big Boat was produced by Bob Ezrin, who also produced Fuego, as well as many legendary albums including Pink Floyd’s The Wall, KISS’s Destroyer, Alice Cooper’s School’s Out and Peter Gabriel’s Peter Gabriel I. The LP was completed during Phish’s Summer Tour as guitarist Trey Anastasio mentioned the band had completed the album prior to dedicating "Sing Monica" to Ezrin, who was in the crowd, at Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco, CA earlier this summer.  

Anastasio elaborated on the album in an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this summer.

“We’re kind of all over the place, flying down to Nashville to work, and then I’ve been doing a lot of work on overdubs at Avatar, which is in Manhattan, and then we go to Burlington, and worked at the barn, and we’re even working at Page’s house and Mike’s house a little bit,” Trey said.
He added, “Page brought some great songs, Mike brought some great songs, Fish brought some great songs. I’ve got a lot of new songs. And everybody’s just diving in, in a unified way.”