Perpetual Groove Shares HD Video Of "Naive Melody" From Reunion Show April 3, 2017 15:14

Photo by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen

After a two-year hiatus, Georgia-based jam band Perpetual Groove has been back on the road for nearly two years now.  When the band announced its two-night reunion run at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA, countless diehard fans rejoiced at the reality that this was a true reality.  After much footage and soundboard audio has surfaced from both shows, the band has now released full HD video of its cover of the Talking Heads' "Naive Melody."  The level of crowd participation captured in this video tells you just about everything you need to know about the energy of these shows.  You can watch the full video below, and head over to the band's official website for all of the latest 2017 PGroove updates.

Based in Athens, GA, Perpetual Groove is a long time well established touring act with an enthusiastic fan base and international critical acclaim. PGroove's music has been described by their fans as anthemic arena rock. Their large catalog of original music offers something for everyone. The addition of an intense, retina burning, intelligent light show creates an atmosphere unlike any other, assuring fans they'll get a highly polished, yet different show each night.

Watch Perpetual Groove perform "Naive Melody" at the Georgia Theatre (05.28.15) here:

Watch Perpetual Groove perform "Two Shores" at the Georgia Theatre (05.29.15) here:

Bloodkin Calls On Old Friends For Annual Athens Celebration December 12, 2016 19:28

Veteran southern rock group Bloodkin returned to its home city of Athens on Saturday night for the 7th annual "Bloodkin & Friends" celebration at the Georgia Theatre.  This night would see many of the band's extended family members reunited, including founding member Daniel Hutchens, who suffered a minor hemorrhagic stroke just two weeks prior to the show.  The full list of performers included Hutchens, who appeared on vocals in the second set, as well as David Barbe, Eric Carter, Daniel Eaton, Sam Holt, Donna Hopkins, Mike Hurwitz, Jerry Joseph, Eric Martinez, Jon Mills, Todd Nance, John Neff, David Nickel, Betsy FranckAaron Phillips, Adam Poulin, William Tonks, Rick WilliamsMark Wilmot, and Josh Stack.  The two set performance was highlighted by a variety of Bloodkin originals, as well as several tunes from the late Michael Houser (Widespread Panic) catalog, and an encore which included The Rolling Stones' "Happy."

Live & Listen's Craig BairdMichelle Petty were on hand Saturday night to capture some special moments during soundcheck, backstage, and throughout the show.  See below for a complete setlist as well as a full HD photo gallery.  

Setlist: Bloodkin & Friends - Athens, GA - 12.10.16

Set 1:  Jazz Funeral, Easter Eggs, Is That All There Is?, Black Jacket, Loves Getting Older, Wet Trombone Blues, Sick Of It All, Place To Crash, Ravin' Beauties, Success Yourself, My Name Is Alice, Can't Get High, Makes Sense To Me

Set 2:  Think On These Things, Giraffe, War At The End Of The World, Quarter Tank Of Gasoline, Crosses By The Highway, Cynic Clinic, No Matter What, The Waker, It Was You, Can't Change The Past, Down, Sandbox, Most Beautiful Day, Way Too Loud, New Pony, Streets of Nashville, End Of The Show

Encore: Henry Parsons Died, Happy

STS9 Announces Halloween Show at The Georgia Theatre August 22, 2016 11:30

Photo by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen

Electronic rock veterans STS9 have revealed their 2016 Halloween plans, which will lead the band back to the famed Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA on Monday, October 31st.  The show was first announced earlier this morning via the Georgia Theatre's Facebook page, which states that tickets go on sale this Friday, August 26th at 10:00 AM EST.  Following what is sure to be a huge weekend at the annual Suwannee Hulaween festival, Tribe fans can be confident that this will make for another epic night with STS9 in Athens.  

STS9 recently revealed the title of their new album, The Universe Inside, along with three tracks, "Supercluster," "Get Loud," and "Give and Take," which can be streamed via Spotify below.  The Universe Inside will be the follow up to the 2009 release Ad Explorata and is scheduled for release on September 2nd (according to an listing).

Listen to the sampler from STS9's new album here:

Watch STS9 perform "Better Day" > "By The Morning Sun" with Maureen Murphy (vocals) in Athens in March of 2015 here:

Video by Seth Jacobs: Heady Flair

Perpetual Groove's Two-Night Reunion Run: HD Video Bundle July 14, 2015 09:35

Perpetual Groove and Consume Media have teamed up to bring you complete video footage from the band's two night reunion run at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA on Thursday, May 28th & Friday, May 29th, 2015 .  The package is scheduled for a Tuesday, September 1st release.  Pre-order the package today and receive a complimentary copy of the late afternoon acoustic rooftop set from Brock Butler and Matt McDonald on Friday, May 29th.  See below for a sneak peak of the production ("Stealy Man" - Encore from Thursday 5/28).

Full Story: Perpetual Groove's Return Exceeds All Expectations

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Night One

Set 1

  • Release (7:33)
  • Speed Queen (13:57)
  • A Day The Way (8:13)
  • Out Here (9:51)
  • Andromeda (4:02)
  • Holy Ship (7:23)
  • Sun Dog (16:39)

Set 2

  • Life (5:25)
  • Occams Blazer (16:02)
  • Naive Melody (8:16)
  • Green Tea (9:35)
  • Orange Wedge (7:18)
  • Macumba (9:23)
  • Green Tea (1:00)
  • Lemurs (9:17)


  • Stealy Man (14:57)
  • Space Paranoids (9:57)
  • Trouble (8:06)

Night Two

Set 1

  • It Starts Where It Ends (11:41)
  • Three Weeks (15:15)
  • Paper Dolls (7:33)
  • Walkin in Place (8:22)
  • Cairo (12:19)
  • Robot Waltz (12:16)
  • Sweet Oblivious Antidote (10:35)

Set 2

  • TSM2 (13:38)
  • Two Shores (13:33)
  • Mr. Transistor (2:52)
  • Echo (5:27)
  • Mr. Transistor (11:12)
  • All My Friends (8:46)
  • Teakwood Betz (24:52)


  • Only Always (10:30)
  • And Everything (3:49)

Acoustic Rooftop

  • My Favorite Color*
  • Dust*
  • The Universe>
  • Casa
  • No Decorations
  • I Know What I Know
  • Lost Connection
  • Tupelo Honey
  • Under Lock & Key
  • Tusevun
  • Float On

*Brock & Matt

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Perpetual Groove To Return This Week After Two-Year Hiatus May 26, 2015 09:03

Perpetual Groove, who have been on an indefinite hiatus since their last appearance at the Georgia Theatre on April 5th, 2013, will reunite this Thursday (5/28) and Friday (5/29) for two highly anticipated, sold out shows in Athens.  PGroove originally formed while original members Brock Butler (guitar/vocals), Adam Perry (bass), Joe Stickney (drums), and Brett Hinton (keyboards) were in school at Savannah College of Art and Design.  Stickney and Hinton left the band in 2001 and were soon replaced by current members Albert Suttle (drums) and Matt McDonald (keyboards), when the band truly began to take form.  
Those unable to attend this weekend's show in Athens can still take part in the band's reunion, as Yahoo! Live will present a free broadcast of Perpetual Groove's show at the Georgia Theatre on FridayMay 29 as part of the Live Nation series of webcasts. Friday night's show is scheduled to begin at 9:00 PM EST and can be streamed live by clicking the link below.
PGroove's first full US tour was in 2003. Early on, the band earned a reputation for their vigorous touring and hard work.  They toured the country extensively, gaining a new legion of die-hard fans in New England and the Northeast, and a strong following on the West Coast, along with an ever-growing fan-base in the South.  PGroove has performed many US festivals with performances at All Good Music Festival, Gathering of the Vibes, Wakarusa, Bonnaroo, Jam Cruise, High Sierra, Jazz Fest, Riverbend and their own annual gathering, Amberland.  International appearances included Jam in the Dam and Caribbean Holidaze.
The band announced in January of 2013 that they would be taking an indefinite hiatus following their Winter/Spring Tour.  Perry, Suttle, and McDonald have continued touring under the name Ghost Owl ever since, while front man Brock Butler tended to personal matters and performed solo, acoustic gigs at festivals and venues along the East Coast.  More recently, Butler has performed much of the PGroove catalog with a bluegrass project known as "PGrass."
(Perpetual Groove - "Naive Melody" - AURA Music Festival 2013)
In addition to this week's two-night run in Athens, PGroove have announced they will play four sets over two nights at the 2015 Resonance Music & Arts Festival in Ohio on September 25 & 26.  The appearance at Resonance is the only 2015 festival date the band has announced thus far.  Other tour dates include a two-night run at State Theater in St. Petersburg, FL (7/31 - 8/1).
Stay tuned to Live & Listen for coverage of this weekend's festivities in Athens!