Earphunk Announces Break Up Following This Weekend's Bear Creek Bayou September 27, 2016 11:41

We have just heard some very disappointing news out of New Orleans, as prog-funk sensation Earphunk has announced that this weekend's performance at Bear Creek Bayou Festival will be the band's final show.  Live and Listen was officially launched in August of 2014, and Earphunk quickly became the first band we had ever booked.  It has been a true pleasure watching this band evolve and grow over the past seven years.  We have been fortunate enough to host Earphunk at our inaugural Funksgiving in November of 2014, as well as The Blueberry Jam Sessions in November of 2015.  Through these two events and countless shows in between, this band has helped us create some amazing memories over the years.  We want to wish Mark, Michael, Paul, Michael, Christian, Josh, and Alex nothing but the best in whatever the future may hold.  Thank you for the music and the memories that will last a lifetime.  The band's official statement can be read in full below.

Dear fans, friends, and family,

We are sorry to announce that our performance at this weekend's Bear Creek Bayou Music Festival on Friday will be our final show together. We feel it is right that it will be at home in New Orleans as a part of the first festival we ever played. We have traveled throughout the entire country, made life long friends and we feel fortunate to have accomplished things as a band we never would have imagined when we first began. Please keep an eye out for our own individual endeavors as we move forward! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the constant love and support over these past seven years.

With love,

Watch Earphunk's music video for "Omega" here:

A Weekend In Review: The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival August 12, 2016 13:08

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Words by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen

Year in and year out, music fans can count on summertime presenting an overwhelming variety of options to satisfy their musical appetite.  The vast majority of national acts pack their schedules with gigs from coast to coast, and it seems as if there is a major music festival every weekend.  Last weekend was the quintessential example, as Ohio-based jam/rock band The Werks hosted it's annual "homecoming" weekend: The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival.   

The Werk Out began in 2010 at Zane Shawnee Cavernsan indian reservation with underground crystal caves in Bellefontaine, Ohio.  The festival quickly outgrew that area and relocated to Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio, where it has now been held for the past five years.  After hearing the rave reviews over the past few years and diving deep into The Werks' catalog, I knew that this was the year for a summer journey from Alabama and Ohio.  This ended up being easily one of my best decisions in recent memory.

From the moment we arrived on Thursday afternoon, the positive vibes were flowing from every angle.  An enthusiastic, welcoming staff directed our group to a prime camping spot, and we made at least 10 new friends before the campsite was even completed.  While there are numerous elements of The Werks that I have come to love, it's the positive culture that surrounds the band really seals the deal.  

Upon entering the festival grounds for the first time, Chris Houser (lead guitar - The Werks) was playing on the main stage with his very first band, Cheezcake, who set a perfect tone for the weekend.  Shortly after, we had the pleasure of catching several tunes from Sassafraz, a super talented group from Columbus which produced The Werks' newest band member, Jake Goldberg (bass).  Our first journey to the "Big Tent" led us to Mister F, who provided some serious funk prior to Dopapod taking the main stage.

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Dopapod has quickly become one of the jam/festival scenes hottest acts, and their success is justified with every performance.  Watching those guys perform, with a beautiful sunset in the distance, made for a very special moment early on.  We even got to sing "Happy Birthday" to the bands audio engineer/light designer Luke Stratton, as the band called him to the stage for a cake presentation.  Shortly after sunset, the crowd shifted just a matter of feet to the "Side Stage," where America's favorite power funk army Turkuaz ignited one of the biggest dance parties of the weekend.  It's truly amazing to witness the production and chemistry of this band in person.  They advertise "power funk," and they absolutely deliver "power funk."

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

The main stage was now set for the weekend's first set from The Werks, who took the stage fully participating in the evening's "track suit" theme.  The band came out firing with classics such as "For Today," "For You," and "Fire Eater," and even debuted a cover of Elton John's "The Circle of Life" from The Lion King.  A classic duel on the keys between Dan Shaw and special guest Todd Stoops occured during "G-Funk," before a massive "Hard to Find" > "Cloud Hopper" > "Hard to Find" would close out the set.  This was particularly satisfying, as my last Werks festival set was cut short when a nasty thunderstorm hit during "Cloud Hopper" at AURA earlier this year.  Another cover was debuted for the encore when the band busted out "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas.  Somehow or another, Lettuce was up next for a late night set in the big tent, and night one at The Werk Out couldn't have been much hotter.

Watch The Werks perform "G-Funk" with special guest Todd Stoops here:

Video by izeoftheworldphotos

Photos by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Day two at Legend Valley picked up right where Thursday left off, and the party was alive and well in The Big Tent by early afternoon.  The Big Damn Jam served as a touching tribute to Norman Dimitrouleas, the former keyboardist of The Werks who tragically passed away in January of this year.  Norman had always wanted the band to play The Beatles' Abbey Road in it's entirety, and his brother Dino, Todd Stoops, and many others performed the album in epic fashion.  Next up was an early afternoon dose of heavy funk courtesy of Kung Fu, a band that always brings the party and never disappoints.  

Anyone that has been to a music festival understands that you have to be strategic; often leaving one set earlier than you would like to in order to catch one of those "must see" bands.  This was the story of Friday afternoon, but that's definitely not a bad problem to have.  It was now time for CBDB to kick off a 60-minute set it in The Big Tent.  These guys never cease to amaze me.  This would be the band's first performance with bassist Mike Sinopole, and you would've thought he'd been with the band for years.  The highlight of the set came in the form of two debuts: a cover of the Grateful Dead's "Loose Lucy" followed by a brand new original, "She's Mobile."  I can't help but predict very big things to come for CBDB in the near future.

Photo by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen

We quickly made it back to the main stage as Twiddle kicked off their set with the classic "Jamflowman."  It had been way too long since I had seen these guys, and I was quickly reminded why they have really blown up recently.  Fortunately, they were scheduled for an additional set on Saturday, which allowed me to scoot back over to The Big Tent just in time for Backup Planet, one of the most promising young bands I have seen in years.  I was introduced to this band earlier this year at AURA Music & Arts Festival, when they delivered one of my favorite sets of the weekend.  These guys managed to exceed some very high expectations.  Backup Planet is the real deal, and they might have the best cover of "Whipping Post" that I've ever heard.

Photo by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen

Dopapod was now back on the main stage for another amazing sunset performance, only to be followed by a wildly energetic set on the side stage from live electronic act Zoogma.  I've had the pleasure of watching Zoogma work their way up from the college bar scene to the national festival scene, and I couldn't be happier for their success.  You get everything from electronic blues/rock to hip-hop with Zoogma, and how could you not get down to that?

The stage was now set for one of the weekend's biggest moments: two full sets of STS9.  There was a significant number of the Tribe faithful who came to The Werk Out specifically for this moment, and they were rewarded with a stellar festival performance.  The first set had two extremely unfortunate moments; the first of which involved a fan hopping on stage, climbing on drummer Zach Velmer's kit, and taking a trust fall onto the drummer mid-song.  Velmer handled the situation like the true professional that he is, and the band picked up right where they left off.  The set was then cut short due to technical/power issues, but the band returned for it's second set and gave Legend Valley an absolute gem.  The "Hubble" > "Orbital" > "Hubble" segue was as tight as anything I've heard from this band.  "World Go Round" made for an epic dance party to close out the set, and the "Breathe In" encore was simply perfect.  I couldn't have more respect for this band's response to a few unfortunate issues that were out of their control.

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

It was now time for The Werks to continue the party in the big tent, which some might have seen as a difficult task after two powerful sets of STS9.  The boys kicked things off with a bang as they worked through the powerful instrumental "Lights Out," followed by the first "Transformational" since November of 2015.  They even finished the "Cloudhopper" from Thursday night.  Dino Dimitrouleas returned to the stage for an extended jam on "Rollin," and two of my personal favorites, "Find Your Way" and "You're Not Alone," closed out the set in heavy fashion.  

You would think this had to be the end of the evening, but the most unique moment of the night was yet to come.  The stage was now set for Twerkapod, a one-time 90's tribute set featuring a rotating cast of members from The Werks, Dopapod, and Twiddle.  What proceeded after 2:30 AM was nothing short of beautiful, epic, and hilarious.  For a more detailed recap and video footage of the Twerkapod set, click here.

Watch Twerkapod perform Blues Traveler's "Run Around" here:

Video by Charles Izenstark: izeoftheworldphotos

As we entered the final day at Legend Valley, the positive energy was contagious, and we were faced with yet another killer lineup.  Broccoli Samurai kicked things off early on the main stage, and these guys blew my mind.  The Cleveland-based four-piece held down a ridiculously melodic groove from start to finish, and they have some of the best song titles I've ever heard of.  I'm really looking forward to following this band moving forward.  

Members of The Werks, Twiddle, and Greensky Bluegrass joined forces for the Matt Butler's Everyone Orchestra, which opened things up for some truly amazing improv jamming.  I had heard a lot about this project over the years, but this was my first time witnessing it in person.  The constantly rotating cast always brings something new to each stage, and watching this collection of musicians in this capacity was a definite highlight.  BIG Something proceeded to absolutely crush the side stage, while The Werks headed over to the VIP tent for a three-song acoustic set which included Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer," "Fall," and "Better Than Before."  This was my first time seeing these guys in an acoustic setting, and it only further affirmed how diverse this band can be.

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Greensky Bluegrass was next up on the main stage for one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend.  We took advantage of the grass hill back toward the vendors to enjoy the set full of all of the Greensky classics.  It had been quite some time since I'd had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, and damn...they were amazing.  They even brought out Mihali Savoulidis from Twiddle for "Last Winter in Copper County."  As soon as Greensky finished, Twiddle would take the side stage by storm for their second set of the weekend, which featured many of my favorites, such as "Be There," "Lost in the Cold," Syncopated Healing," and "Frankenfoote."  

Watch video footage of Greensky Bluegrass w/ Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle here:

Video by Charles Izenstark: izeoftheworldphotos

The main stage was now set for what you could easily call the weekend's main event.  The Werks were slated for two sets, and they took the stage in full tuxedos.  "Alive" kicked off the set and bust outs of "Give or Take" and "Cruel Stone Blues" would follow.  The always powerful "OG" ultimately led into a cover of Edgar Winter Group's "Frankenstein" which closed out the first set in epic fashion.  "Drop" kicked off the second set, which has to be one of the most clever songs in recent history.  An extended "Werk Out Jam" moved into an "Immigrant Song Jam," and things truly took off from there.  

The sequence of "Finding Destiny" > "Galactic Passport" > "Finding Destiny" > "Galactic Passport" > "Finding Destiny" was on another level.  A raging rendition of "Onslaught" provided a classic Werks rager to close the second set.  The decision to encore with "Carry Me Back Home" came as no surprise, as the emotional tune had not been played since prior to the passing of Norman Dimitrouleas.  Dino returned to the stage for this one, which was an emotional, touching tribute to say the least.  Midway through the song, Rob Chafin addressed the audience and invited the entire Werk Out crew to the stage for the song's closing chorus. 

Watch the "Finding Destiny" > "Galactic Passport" sequence here:

Watch The Werks' perform "Carry Me Back Home" here:

Videos by Charles Izenstark: izeoftheworldphotos

As many readers will understand, you're just never going to make it to every set that you plan for over the course of a weekend festival.  After three full days and two very late nights, I didn't have it in me to make it back over to The Big Tent for the two remaining sets from The Motet and Earphunk (Daft Phunk).  This was defintely my biggest regret of the weekend, but as the old saying goes, "You can't make 'em all."  There was a noticeable buzz amongst the campground surrounding both late night sets, and it sounds like Earphunk went above and beyond, with a set that went far beyond the time they were obligated to play until.  This came as no surprise, as that's the type of performance that those guys are known to give.  

As I wrap up what is easily one of the longest articles in the history of this website, I can't help but wonder if there is anyone who has actually continued reading to this point.  For anyone who has, thank you for reading through my memories of this amazing weekend.  There is no brief or concise way to justifiably recount this experience.  When thousands of fans come from every corner of the country to gather in the spirit of music and art, it is truly a beautiful thing.  The Werk Out was circled on my calendar for several months, and the anticipation which surrounded it was very real.  My expectations couldn't have been much higher, and they were exceeded each and every night.  I can't say enough about the job that Rob Chafin and the entire Werks crew has done in building and growing this festival into what it has become.  The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival was an experience that I will never forget, and I can't wait to return in 2017.

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Photo by Josh Timmermans: Noble Visions

Earphunk Announces Major Tour Supporting New Album 'Right Where I Belong' August 9, 2016 15:27

Photo by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen
Earphunk has announced that its new album 'Right Where I Belong' will be released on Friday, October 7th. The band be hitting the road for a huge US tour to support the album this fall. Tickets go on-sale Friday, August 12th and can be purchased by visiting the band's official website. See below for a full list of dates.
Hailing from New Orleans, Prog-Funk band Earphunk has emerged as one of the Southeast's premier jam acts. The quintet has been steadily building a rabid fan base across the United States with their unique brand of high-energy funk, inspired improvisation, and dynamic stage production. In an innovative move to get their music in the hands of live music fans, Earphunk have partnered with direct-to-fan publisher platform BitTorrent Bundle to release content-rich collections of live shows and studio albums. Visit the band's website ( to stream and download songs from Earphunk's current discography for free.
Earphunk Tour Dates:
08/26/16 - Druid City Music Hall - Tuscaloosa, AL
08/27/16 - The Dollar BOX Showroom - Hattiesburg, MS ^^
09/02/16 - Vinyl Music Hall - Pensacola, FL ^^
09/03/16 - 1904 Music Hall - Jacksonville, FL ^^
09/04/16 - The Charleston Pour House - Charleston, SC @
09/07/16 - New Mountain Asheville - Asheville, NC
09/09/16 - Great North: Music and Arts Festival - Norridgewock, ME
09/10/16 - Nectar's - Burlington, VT
09/13/16 - StageOne - Fairfield, CT !!
09/14/16 - Brighton Music Hall - Boston, MA !!
09/15/16 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY !!
09/16/16 - Jammin' Java - Vienna, VA !!
09/17/16 - The Foundry @ The Fillmore Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
09/20/16 - The Southern Cafe and Music Hall - Charlottesville, VA **
09/21/16 - Visulite Theatre- Charlotte, NC **
09/22/16 - Terminal West - Atlanta, GA **
09/23/16 - Exit/In - Nashville, TN
09/24/16 - Martin's - Jackson, MS **
09/30/16 - Bear Creek Bayou Music Festival - New Orleans, LA
10/07/16 - Proud Larry's - Oxford, MS
10/08/16 - Stickyz - Little Rock, AR ^^
10/14/16 - Old Rock House - St. Louis, MO ++
10/15/16 - Martyrs'- Chicago, IL ++
10/18/16 - The Frequency - Madison, WI ++
10/20/16 - Vega - Lincoln, NE ++
10/21/16 - Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom - Denver, CO ++
10/22/16 - Aggie Theatre - Fort Collins, CO ++
10/25/16 - Town Square Tavern - Jackson Hole, WY ##
10/26/16 - Neurolux - Boise, ID
10/27/16 - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
10/28/16 - Volcanic Theatre Pub - Bend, OR
10/29/16 - Lost On Main CHICO California - Chico, CA
11/02/16 - Crystal Bay Casino - Crystal Bay, NV
11/03/16 - The Chapel- San Francisco, CA
11/04/16 - WinstonsOB - San Diego, CA
11/05/16 - SLO Brew - San Luis Obispo, CA
11/11/16 - The Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS
11/12/16 - Outland Ballroom - Springfield, MO
^^ Gravy supporting
@ THE TRONGONE BAND supporting
** Atlas Road Crew (A.R.C) supporting
++ People's Blues of Richmond supporting
## Sneaky Pete And The Secret Weapons supporting 
!! Madaila supporting

Throwback: Looking Back On Purple Hatters Ball July 14, 2016 19:41

Words and Photos by Amanda Franklin: Live & Listen

Last month, funky friends from across the southeast gathered at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park for the annual Purple Hatters Ball, a festival that was established as both a memorial and celebration of the life of Rachel Morningstar Hoffman.  The festival is known for its diverse lineup and intimacy, and this year was no disappointment.  Featured artists included The Floozies, Papadosio, The Polish Ambassador, Earphunk, Roosevelt Collier Band, The Mantras, Sunsquabi, and more.  Dynamic lineups always bring interesting crowds—there were those who fell for the allure of The Floozies’ funky style and Polish’s eccentric performances as well as those who mainly came to catch Earphunk rock the stage and groove to some late night Dosio.  Regardless of who people came to see, every stage at every set was booming and bustling with dancing bodies. 

Thursday night was a reunion of sorts.  Old friends embraced and sat on the deck of the music hall to share cigarettes and stories of daily life that happens in between festivals.  In hospitable Suwannee fashion, new folks were just as readily welcomed.  Around midnight, Sunsquabi began drawing a crowd inside for the pre-party headlining set.  The couple hundred or so people who had managed to get work off on Friday and get to Suwannee a night early gathered in the music hall to drink and boogie into the late night. 

The days at Hatters were long, bright, and beautiful.  Once more people arrived at the festival, the river became the place to be during the day.  After snagging a golf cart ride, I made it down to the river just in time to catch Funk You at the Beach Stage, which was jam-packed with jams all weekend.  14 bands played that spot over two days, and shorter half-hour/hour long sets kept the atmosphere ever evolving and interesting.  Down on the water, beer, sunlight, and laughter kept attendees dizzy and joyful.  Everyone piled together onto huge floats in the middle of the river.  A few friends decided to maximize their chill factor by floating the river in their beloved blowup festival couch.  I’ve seen that same couch several times around Suwannee, but I had to double take and chuckle when I saw it come drifting on the current, touting three guys comfortably in its seatJacksonville’s MZG took the opportunity to film a new music video on the river’s beach, featuring hundreds of smiling faces and a few hilarious tumbles down the giant slip n’ slide. 


As the sun settled its way low into the sky each day, people headed back to their campsites to prepare for the night of music ahead.  Friday evening treated us to delicious jams from The Mantras and an absolutely raging set by Earphunk.  Part of my face may still be at the Amphitheater stage after lead guitarist Paul Provosty proceeded to shred it off with riff after wailing riff.  Papadosio provided the crowd with a smooth set that seamlessly traversed between faster and slowed down psychedelic grooves.  Every note was carried on the beat of drummer Mike Healy, who skillfully controlled the group’s tempo and vibe  

Saturday night was nothing short of dance party.  Following The Hip Abduction and MZG, The Polish Ambassador did not disappoint, keeping things interesting as always, right down to the classic mid-set outfit change.  The Ambassador also stopped to share some powerful and reflective words on death and Rachel’s legacy before taking the crowd back into a celebration of life and music.  The Floozies closed the night with their signature sound: funky samples, distortion, and irresistibly danceable beats. The Amp stage crowd became a flowing sea of moving people—not a single body was still.   


The Polish Ambassador

When the last band left the main stage each night, by no means did the party stop.  In fact, it seemed to mark the official start of all late-night shenanigans.  For those who couldn’t kick off their boogie shoes, the Silent Disco was popping until the sun rose.  Those who wanted to adventure explored the grounds on golf carts, acting as a taxi service to random strangers who became friends within minutes.  People gathered again on the beach, but the mood was much different at night.  The Suwannee River flowed slowly in still silence, reflecting the moss-laden trees that tower over it in a perfect mirror image.  Creatures of the night swam in the river, bathed in the moonlight, and reveled in the pure natural beauty that surrounded them.  

On Sunday, Rachel’s mother shared some words before releasing butterflies into the air to honor a sweet spirit taken too soon.  The gravity of death, especially young lives lost, always spurs many thoughts and emotions.  I think most people can agree that life is too short, and we should use what we’ve been given to know and love as many people as we can.  Though her time on earth was brief, Rachel lived her life in that way, and everyone who knows her attests to that.  All weekend long, I watched relationships blossom before my eyes.  While this isn’t uncommon at music festivals, there was something special in the air at Hatters—call it the Spirit of Suwannee, call it Rachel’s legacy, call it the magic of music, but the unadulterated love and joy that drifted on the wind that weekend was truly ethereal.  Purple Hatters Ball reminded us to stay positive, present, and loving, and I hope people will carry that message with them and pass it along… Until next year, Purple People!

The Polish Ambassador

Michael Comeaux of Earphunk

Purple Hatters Ball 2016

Mark Hempe of Earphunk

Dave Johson of The Hip Abduction

Purple Hatters Ball 2016

David New of The Hip Abduction

Purple Hatter's Ball Releases Daily Schedule + Yoga and Arts Village Programing June 2, 2016 12:40

Purple Hat Productions has released the daily schedule for the ninth annual Purple Hatter’s Ball (PHB) taking place at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (SOSMP) in Live Oak, Florida June 17-19, 2016.
Purple Hatter’s Ball Schedule:
PHB 2016 will utilize four stages including the famed Amphitheater Stage, a Beach Stage located along the wild black water Suwannee River and a Campground Stage, which will morph into the Silent Disco late night, keeping the party going until the wee hours of the morning.
Closing out each night on the Amphitheater Stage is Papadosio on Friday, The Polish Ambassador followed by The Floozies on Saturday, and Melvin Seals and JGB on Sunday.
The Thursday Pre-Party will take place in the SOS Music Hall right after the Action Day with activist The Polish Ambassador where PHB attendees are invited to unite in action with their choice of awesome activities and tangible regenerative projects that will make SOSMP a better place for everyone. As a thank you for their work, Action Day participants are invited to attend the Thursday Night Pre-Party for FREE. To sign up for the Action Day visit:
The Yoga & Art Village Program will offer 25 fun, informative and healthy living activities and classes including: Kirtan Morningstar; BoomYoga Spiritual Warrior with Joaquin Antonio; Sound Healing Meditation; West African Drumming with Luke Quaranta; Live Music Vinyasa Flow; Creative Expressions Drawing; AcroYoga; Contact Hooping and many more.
Purple Hatter’s Ball benefits The Rachel Morningstar Foundation (a non-profit 501c3 organization) in honor of longtime SOSMP friend and music festival lover Rachel Morningstar Hoffman. You can learn more about the horrific story of her loss in this feature, “How One Mother Turned Tragedy /Into Triumph: The Rachel Morningstar Hoffman Story” which includes a touching one-on-one interview with Rachel’s loving mother, Margie Weiss (aka Mama Margie). Rachel’s story has been featured on 60 Minutes, Dateline, and 20/20.
The most memorable moment of the Purple Hatter’s Ball weekend is when Mama Margie leads an emotional ceremony celebrating her daughter’s memory. Each year, they released 24 monarch butterflies – 23 to represent Rachel’s age when she was taken from this world and 1 for her spirit that lives on.
Purple Hatter’s Ball 2016 features organic livetronica artists Papadosio, cutting edge producer/guitarist and drummer duo The Floozies, jumpsuit wearing musician and activist The Polish Ambassador, Jerry Garcia Band founding member and longtime collaborator Melvin Seals and JGB, New Orleans’ prog-funk five-piece Earphunk, the conscious world-reggae sounds of DubConscious (Rachel’s favorite band), progressive rock and jam band The Mantras, the one-and-only sacred steel master Roosevelt Collier and his band, rising stars The Hip Abduction, and many more.
Purple Hatter’s Ball is the perfect opportunity to experience the beautiful Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park festival grounds, famous for hosting Wanee, Suwannee Hulaween, AURA, and more, during a laid-back and intimate event. Festivalgoers are encouraged to take advantage of the park’s endless activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, biking, and disc golf.
The park also offers guest comforts including a general store, a full-service restaurant, showers and water stations. To join the wait list for cabins, golf cart rentals, and RV hook-ups, please contact SOSMP at (386) 364-1683.
Tickets are currently on sale at along with Morningstar Miracle VIP Packages that include VIP area access, dinner (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), an official poster and t-shirt.
Purple Hatter’s Ball 2016 Lineup:
The Floozies
The Polish Ambassador
Melvin Seals and JGB
The Mantras
Roosevelt Collier Band
The Malah
The Hip Abduction
Voodoo Visionary
Catfish Alliance
Trial By Stone
Scott Campbell band with Avis Berry
Funk You
MZG Live featuring Allen Aucoin
Flat Land
Herd Of Watts
Kaleigh Baker with The Groove Orient
The Corbitt-Clampitt Experience
Post Pluto
SPORE with Zahira
Leisure Chief
Heather Gillis Band             
Late Night Silent Disco + Beach Stage:
Ancient Deep
Big Bucks Crew
Cat Party
Charlie Hustle
Elliot Mess
Jeff Randall
Paten Locke
Ricky Raw
Sir Charles
Taste Tester
Triclops I
Vlad the Inhaler
Zachy Nix
Thursday Night Pre-Party:
Savi Fernandez Birthday Band
Space Kadet
Gypsy Elise
About The Rachel Morningstar Foundation: The Rachel Morningstar Foundation exists to help the public understand the benefit of guidelines for law enforcement's use of confidential informants (CIs). Currently each state, county, city, college campus or law enforcement agency sets their own standards, laws or guidelines as it relates to recruiting and using CIs. The efforts of this foundation are dedicated to the memory of Rachel Morningstar Hoffman (December 17, 1984 – May 7, 2008) a 23-year-old Florida State University graduate. She was murdered while acting as a police informant during a drug sting that started on May 7, 2008. The first of its kind in the U.S., Rachel’s Law, a Florida law that went into effect on July 1, 2009, established new guidelines for law enforcement when dealing with confidential informants.


Purple Hatter’s Ball Information:

Earphunk Releases Initial 2016 Tour Dates December 22, 2015 15:08

New Orleans-based, prog rock outfit Earphunk has released a slew of tour dates for 2016, including shows with the likes of Umphrey's McGee, moe., The New Mastersounds, Papadosio, and Kung Fu.  Christmas weekend in New Orleans will be one to remember, as Earphunk is scheduled for a big hometown show on Saturday night (12/26) at Tipitina's.  The band returns to Austin, TX for New Year's Eve at The Parish.  Early 2016 sees the band through the Southeast (Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Little Rock, Hattiesburg, Baton Rouge, Auburn to name a few) before making their debut at The Tabernacle (Atlanta) in support of veteran jam band moe. on Saturday, January 30th.  The Phunk heads West in February with stops in Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Jackson (WY), Portland, Seattle, Boulder, and many more.  March will see the band through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina, before an appearance at The Major Rager in Augusta, GA alongside The Revivalists, TAUK, and Umphrey's McGee.

Pull out your calendars and make sure to catch these guys in a city near you.  Tickets are available now and can be purchased at  For all of the latest info and updates from Earphunk, follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Earphunk Tour Dates 
12/26 - New Orleans, LA - Tipitina's
12/31 - Austin, TX - The Parish
1/14 - Mobile, AL - Soul Kitchen
1/15 - Tuscaloosa, AL - Druid City Music Hall
1/16 - Little Rock, AR - Sticky's
1/22 - Hattiesburg, MS - The Dollar Box
1/23 - Baton Rouge, LA - Varsity Theatre
1/28 - Lafayette, LA - Artmosphere
1/29 - Auburn, AL - Bourbon Street
1/30 - Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle @
2/12- Denver, CO - Cervantes'  *
2/13 - Denver, CO - Cervantes'  *
2/16 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
2/18 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent *
2/19 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent *  
2/20 - Chico, CA - Lost On Main
2/22 - TBA
2/24 - Seattle, WA - Nectar Lounge
2/25 - Portland, OR  - Doug Fir Lounge
2/26 - TBA
2/27 - TBA
2/28 - Crystal Bay, NV - Crystal Bay Casino
3/2 - Jackson Hole, WY - 307 Live
3/3 -  Steamboat Springs, CO - The Tap House
3/4 - Boulder, CO - Fox Theatre +
3/5 - Fort Collins, CO - Aggie Theatre +
3/6 - Winter Park, CO - Ullr's Tavern
3/8 - Albuquerque, NM - El Rey Theatre ^
3/9 - Tulsa, OK - Cain's Ballrom ^
3/10 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues ^
3/11 - Houston, TX - House of Blues ^
3/12 - Monroe, LA - Live Oak Ballroom
3/22 - Tallahassee, FL - Sidebar Theater
3/23 -  Gainesville, FL - High Dive
3/24 - Tampa, FL - The Crowbar
3/25 -  Boca Raton, FL - Funky Biscuit
3/26 - Orlando, FL – The Social
3/30 - TBA
3/31 - Charleston, SC - Charleston Pour House %
4/1 - Charleston, SC - Charleston Pour House %
4/2 - TBA   
4/6 - TBA
4/7 - Augusta, GA - The Major Rager
4/8 - Charlotte, NC - The Neighborhood Theatre
4/9 - Nashville, TN - Exit/In

@ w/ Moe.
* w/ The New Mastersounds
+ w/ Kung Fu
^ w/ Papadosio
% w/ The Dead 27's

Blueberry Jam Sessions: Sunday 11/22: Weeks Bay Plantation: Fairhope, AL August 12, 2015 11:58

Live & Listen is pleased to announce the details and lineup for our latest series of events, The Blueberry Jam Sessions.  The Blueberry Jam Sessions will be held on Weeks Bay Plantation in Fairhope, Alabama on Sunday, October 18th and Sunday, November 22nd at 2:00PM.  On Sunday, November 22nd, we are thrilled to welcome The Revivalists as our headlining act, as well as Earphunk, McLovins, and Maradeen.  Each session will feature four bands, offering a wide variety of musical talent while crossing into multiple genres, creating the feel of a one-day music festival.  Both events will benefit The WISP Foundation, aimed at raising awareness for safe and organic farming.

The Blueberry Jam Sessions will serve as our two initial events at Weeks Bay Plantation, with firm plans for a full weekend festival in 2016.  General admission and VIP tickets for both events will go on sale on Friday, August 21st and can be purchased right here at  Kids 12 and under will be admitted for free.

Click Here: Purchase Tickets Now

Weeks Bay Plantation is currently home to LA Berry Farms, a pick-your-own blueberry farm where you can come enjoy a rejuvenating outdoor experience while nabbing some amazing little-blue-fruit packed with anti-oxidants and touted as one of the top ten healthiest foods we can eat. Not only are the berries 100% organic, they are grown with proprietary high nutritional methods. The results?  Some of the sweetest, most delicious blueberries in the south.


-The Revivalists-

It’s actually surprising that when The Revivalists take the stage, the entire planet doesn't hear them playing--yes, their sound is that big. It’s not just because this band - who have performed everywhere across the country - has seven members and perform with a wide breadth on instruments. It is because there is so much passion spewing out of these guys that it’s completely impossible to ignore them.

After seven years of making music together, New Orleans rock hybrid The Revivalists (David Shaw - vocals, Zack Feinberg - guitar, Andrew Campanelli - drums, Ed Williams - pedal steel guitar, George Gekas - bass, Rob Ingraham - saxophone, and Michael Girardot - keyboards & trumpet) are set to deliver their latest studio album, Men Amongst Mountains. The forthcoming release, out on July 17, is an album about growth. It is appropriate, then, that the band set out to challenge itself while writing and recording their latest batch of music.

The Revivalists cloistered themselves within the intimate confines of Bogalusa, LA’s Studio in the Country for nearly two weeks while recording Men Amongst Mountains, taking advantage of the studio’s generous acoustics by setting up in a single room and recording to tape in an effort to induce a more performance-based sensibility. New Orleans’ Esplanade and Living Room Studios hosted the finishing touches to an album which leans first and foremost on capturing authentic moments in warm, rich tones and with a distinctly raw, old-world feel.

Mirroring the broader themes which connect the individual songs on the album, the recording and instrumentation on Men Amongst Mountains represents the next step in The Revivalists’ ever-evolving depth and maturity. Like the band’s vaunted live shows, Men Amongst Mountains can and will turn on a dime. The gentle gives way to the heavy, the acoustic to the orchestral. Despair becomes hope. Fire becomes light. At times, the obstacles and troubles in our lives can make the world seem impossibly, hopelessly big. Men Amongst Mountains, ultimately, is about the journey that makes us greater than the mountains standing in our way.



200 shows, three trips across the United States and appearances at Electric Forest Festival, Bear Creek Music and Art Festival, and Wakarusa Music Festival. It’s been a busy 24 months for Earphunk who have seen their efforts propel them from small club stages to packed clubs and theaters across the country. The New Orleans born-and-bred quintet shows no sign of letting off the gas, and now, with the band’s third studio album release of Sweet Nasty, the band has captured the energy that has won over a rapidly growing fanbase of loyal listeners.

Recorded at the storied Studio in the Country in rural Louisiana while on break between tour stints, Sweet Nasty is Earphunk’s boldest release to date. “When you hear the album it sounds like a live show, and that’s how it should feel,” explains lead guitarist Paul Provosty, who also handled mixing duties for the record. “We wanted it to sound big – a true representation of our live show.” The Studio’s hallowed halls provided the proper backdrop for the band’s uniquely organic balance of heavy-pocket funk and reckless prog-driven guitar explosions, or “prog-funk”, as the band refers to it.

The band’s early rehearsals saw Provosty, Mark Hempe (vocals/guitar), Michael Matthews (drums), Michael Comeaux (Bass), and Christian Galle (keyboards/organ) as college students around New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA in 2009 — there were no expectations of national tours and sold out dates. But as things quickly progressed, the option to pursue a full-time career as musicians drove the band to hit the road. “After the first few tours, we were fully vested in this together,” Hempe muses, “and when people are coming to the shows, and appreciating what we’re doing, it gives us the drive to want to step up our game, to be as tight as we can be.”

Years later, the unit’s tireless touring ethic continues to fortify their commitment. “It’s tough leaving New Orleans; this is our home. We don’t get much time back here now, but luckily as we’ve toured, fans have spread,” explains Provosty. “To do this right, you have to keep visiting every market every three or four months, and we’re committed to that. When the shows are selling out, we know our music is resonating. It’s just a matter of continuing to give this thing the room it needs to grow.”

Part of finding the room to grow is recognizing when to reach out to a few helping hands. Saxophonist and close friend Khris Royal (Rebelution, Dark Matter) had contributed his services to past Earphunk records, but for Sweet Nasty, the band was looking to create a larger section. “Everyone in New Orleans, they play with each other. Everyone sits in with one another. It’s a natural thing and that’s the vibe we wanted on the record,” says Provosty.

There are worse places to be than New Orleans when in need of a horn player, and the band had to look no further than Eric “Benny” Bloom (Lettuce, Pretty Lights). “We had been out on the road with Lettuce for a few dates in the Southeast and got to know the guys pretty well,” recalls Galle. “When Eric moved to New Orleans, it was a no brainer. We needed him on the record with Khris.” Bloom and Royal unite with the five-piece in stellar fashion, bringing a proper funk authenticity to high-energy tracks like the Zapp and Roger inspired “Phine” and foot stomping title track “Sweet Nasty.” As George Clinton once mused about the band – “Y’all ain’t your average white band!”

Although the album was recorded, the work was not yet complete. In an age where digital releases and distribution models leave artists with more questions than answers, the band sought for an alternative. The solution was found in a partnership with the emerging publisher platform BitTorrent Bundle. BitTorrent Inc, the company behind the revolutionary peer-to-peer protocol with over 170 million monthly users, describes Bundle as “a revolutionary file format that’s designed to restore digital media to its experiential core.” That’s precisely the type of treatment Earphunk was looking for with the release of Sweet Nasty, which will debut exclusively on BitTorrent Bundle on August 18th. The Sweet Nasty Bundle will be loaded up with exclusive videos, live sets, and artwork to accompany the new album to enrich the fans’ experience.

Sweet Nasty showcases an emerging band with something to prove; yet who are prepared, willing, and ready to define themselves as a premiere national act. And with it’s release locked and loaded, the next step is a familiar one for Earphunk. As the band loads the trailer for their next national trek to support the album’s release, dates and festivals are already being booked for 2015. There are no plans to deviate from this strategy; after all, it’s worked out thus far. “Our fans have done so much for us already on this journey,” explains Hempe. “We just feel beyond fortunate to have this audience and we’re just going to continue working how we’ve been working, so they can feel proud to support us.”




McLovins specialize in the creation of dynamic and improvised sound, influenced by the members' disparate and eclectic musical influences. The band currently includes Jason Ott, Jake Huffman, Justin Berger and Atticus Kelly.

These young artists from Connecticut, embrace simultaneous and intricate improvisation with a more versatile front line in which all members are singing in four-part harmony, writing lyrics & music, as well as expounding on one another's musical ideas. Set list segues and fiery improvisations are a staple of the band's performances, keeping their audience always guessing what's coming next and wanting more!

In the short time the McLovins have been performing together, they have been invited to appear at an impressive number of well-established, as well as many new music festivals, and some of the most well respected venues in the North East.  These guys are constantly writing & playing music, to continue to build on their own foundation, towards a long career of Original Rock Music to their growing fan base, of all ages.



Maradeen is an American rock band based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Founded by guitarist, Whit Murray, in the summer of 2014 with keyboardist, Kaitlyn Connor, and bassist, Sterling Miller, the band formed their initial roots as a high energy rock n roll quartet.  With classical and jazz improvisation backgrounds they forged and evolved a unique and well-versed sound. In 2015 Tom Galloway moved to Nashville for songwriting and began collaborations with Murray.  The band entered the analog studio "Welcome to 1979" in the spring of 2015 and recorded their first full-length LP entitled, "Mirage". The album features the initial hard-hitting rockers from the band's formative stage while revealing the new songwriting dynamic between Murray and Galloway. 

Although the band was new to the scene at this time, the origins of Maradeen run deep. Murray played lead guitar for Galloway's band, Mama's Love, between the years of 2009-12. During this time they toured nationwide, developed a devoted fanbase, and recorded with renowned producers Tom Tapley and John Keane.  Galloway continued fronting Mama's Love while Murray extended his education at The Berklee College of Music. Mama's Love had shared the stage with the progressive rock band, Afro, several times in the past which featured Connor on keys. Connor met Miller through the MTSU music program where Miller majored in audio engineering and played with bands Harrison Anvil and The Bourbon Barrel Band.  Whit met Russ Garner, who was also a Berklee College graduate, at an open jam in Nashville one evening. Garner played with the Larry Mitchell Band which had also crossed paths with Mama's Love in the past.  A long line of history, coincidence, and mutual passion brought together the group, and they continue to make strides as they climb the mountain of music. 

Stay tuned to, as well as our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for all future updates on The Blueberry Jam Sessions!

For all press related inquires, contact Jordan Kirkland