Pink Talking Fish Throws Down to Open Two-Night Run at Brooklyn Bowl April 10, 2018 13:49

Words by Kenny Cunningham: Live & Listen

Photos by John R Wisdom Photography

Pink Talking Fish is one of the best “cover” bands out in the scene right now, and have been gaining popularity over the course of the last number of years. And why wouldn’t they be? They combine three of the greatest bands from the ’60s, ’70’s, and ‘80s, but of course they put their own spin on the music. And that was quite apparent on Friday night in Brooklyn.

The boys came out on fire, opening up with a Talking Heads/Phish/Pink Floyd medley of “Uh Oh Love Comes To Town,” “Bathtub Gin,” and “Money.” The transition jam from “Bathtub” into “Money” was incredible, and they brought out Andrew Gatauskas (from Brass Against The Machine) to sit in on baritone sax for Money, which added that amazing extra element that you expect to hear during “Money.” The first set continued with the band bringing it for some classics, like “Mike’s Song,” “Dogs,” and “Psycho Killer.” “Mike’s Song” featured Victor Cornette added another layer on the lights, and an exceptional “Dogs,” with Dave Brunyak shredding some heavy guitar solos.

The second set opened up with a killer version of the Phish classic, “You Enjoy Myself,” and the energy continued to pick up from there! They then launched into “Once In A Lifetime,” and had the crowd rocking and rolling, before returning back to “YEM.” The vocal jam part of the song rivaled any version that I’ve seen Phish do. Next up was Pink Floyd classic “Have A Cigar,” which is always dark and groovy. When PTF began the opening lilt for “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody),” I thought the roof might come off of the Bowl. That song is always a crowd favorite, and the band did not disappoint. They then launched into an ecstatic and raging “Down With Disease,” and “YEM” teases could be heard throughout. The band wrapped up the second set the same way that Dark Side Of The Moon comes to its conclusion: with “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse.”

Pink Talking Fish returned to the stage to close out the opening night of their 2-night weekend run in Brooklyn with a rollicking “Character Zero,” a tune that Phish often uses as an encore vehicle. The consensus among the crowd from Friday night was that PTF is an everimproving band, and each member brings their own style and sensibility to a band that does a superb job of covering the classics from those three great bands.

Between the soaring, ripping guitar playing from Dave Brunyak, the amazing keys work from Richard James, the deep, driving bass playing of Eric Gould, and the sensational drum-playing of Zack Burwick, this band just keeps getting better and better. And because it is a near-impossibility to get another true concert experience from Pink Floyd or Talking Heads, it is wonderful to get any opportunity to hear those songs played live, especially by a band as talented as PTF.

Setlist - Pink Talking Fish - Brooklyn Bowl - April 6th 2018

Set 1: Uh Oh Love Comes To Town, Bathtub Gin > Money* > Nothing But Flowers, Mikes Song > Dogs > Psycho Killer > Dogs > Weekapaug Groove

Set 2: You Enjoy Myself > Once In A Lifetime > You Enjoy Myself, Have A Cigar > Moon Rocks > The Sloth, One Of These Days > This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody), Down With Disease > Brain Damage > Eclipse

E: Character Zero

*w/ Andrew Gatauskas on Baritone Sax