Nashville's Tom Galloway Releases Debut Solo Album August 17, 2018 12:59

Nashville singer/songwriter Tom Galloway has been a staple in the southeastern music scene over the past decade. While many know Galloway as the frontman of rock bands Mama's Love and Maradeen, his latest work portrays a fresh yet diverse look into the artist's catalog. Cross Currents represents Galloway's first full-length solo release, featuring previously released tracks such as "Old Black Dog," "Our Due Time," and "Red Whiskey & Wine." Combining the sounds of americana, alt-country, and southern rock, Cross Currents provides a tasteful blend of nostalgic, conspicuous tracks that make for an excellent listen from start to finish. Find out for yourself and stream the album in full below. 

Born in Georgia, raised in Texas, and currently a songwriter in Nashville, Galloway combines roots of folk, bluegrass, classic country and rock, to form a unique blend of expression and storytelling. Developing his craft for years, strong hooks and captivating lyrics have been the mission. Galloway has been the frontman and principal songwriter for the rock bands Mama's Love and Maradeen, touring extensively across the country. 

We recently had a chance to catch up with Galloway, who provided some extensive background info on the new release and latest step in his already decorated career:

"I wrote most of these songs at our family cabin up in North Georgia between my move from Athens to Nashville. It's hard not to be affected by the feel of the Appalachian country writing up there alone. It's definitely my favorite place to write. The sound of the nearby river was always running low in the background and that was the initial inspiration for the album title. I was also reflecting on the current that was pulling me to Nashville during that transitional time. 

The album also has aspects of loss and redemption and the cross relationship between dark and light. "Poorhouse of Sin," probably the darkest tune, is followed by "Lean Into the Light" which is probably the most positive song, yet they're both beautiful to me in different ways. The crossing of genres too became interesting as the album progressed because I set out to make a singer/songwriter Americana album, but there are a lot of different sounds going on with some interesting sections and driving rhythms.

It's hard for me to define the genre, but we really tried to give the album its own sonic atmosphere. There are sections that are thick with layers but also exposed sections, and I guess it's all based on serving and building each song. The songs are diverse, but I do think we were able to maintain a cohesive characteristic to the album, which is good.

One of my favorite parts of the record is the very last minute, because every band member and guest musician trade licks over a climactic swing as the record fades out.We thought a lot about the track order as well because we wanted a lot of the songs to kind of flow into each other, for the whole album to hold up together as one I'm serious when I say you need to spark up that doobie, put on some headphones, and let it roll from start to finish."

Stream Tom Galloway's Cross Currents in its entirety here: