CBDB and Members of The Werks Will Play Umphrey's Afterparty in Birmingham July 6, 2016 11:53

If you're heading to see Umphrey's McGee at Avondale Brewery on Thursday night, you're going to want to plan accordingly for your after show plans.  One of the southeast's hottest young bands, CBDB, is scheduled to play the official Umphrey's McGee afterparty at Zydeco, and they're preparing for an extra special occasion.  Joining CBDB will be several members from The Werks, who is currently on tour with Umphrey's and opening up Thursday night's show at Avondale Brewery.  Music is scheduled to begin at 11:00 PM, so head on over to Zydeco as soon as Umphrey's wraps up at Avondale.

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We spoke with CBDB's Kris Gottlieb (guitar) earlier today, and it's clear that this is a night that the band has been looking ahead to for some time:

"This is going to be our first official Umphrey's afterparty.  We went on tour with The Werks back in April, so we're really excited to have a few of those guys join us.  We just recently got home from a run through the northeast.  Our last show was on Father's Day in Brooklyn, NY.  We've been off since then, so we're really excited to play this week.  It's always great to get back to Birmingham, especially for such a special occasion.  We're very grateful for the opportunity, and we hope everyone shows up ready for a great show." - Kris Gottlieb (guitar) of CBDB

Watch CBDB's official music video for "Somewhere to Fall" here:

CBDB is a progressive rock/jam band formed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, whose stock is rising fast. Fresh off the release of their third album, entitled The FAME EP, they are seeing a pattern of snowballing momentum with large, energetic crowds hungry for their unique brand of progressive jam-rock, dubbed Joyfunk. CBDB blends soulful vocals and virtuosic instrumentation with smart, tasteful songwriting resulting in a sound that can be enjoyed by the casual listener and audiophile alike. On stage, they parade tight, ambitious compositions that seamlessly gives way to loose, adventurous improvisation and have quickly become a must-see act.