Bands You Should Know: A New Weekly Feature From Live & Listen June 23, 2016 12:38

Photo by Taylor Wallace: iWally Photography

Live And Listen is pleased to reveal the details on a new weekly feature known as "Bands You Should Know".  This new concept will highlight a different band each Friday with an interview, general background information, current happenings (new material, upcoming shows), as well as videos and audio from each band.  After nearly two years of various interviews and artist spotlights and nearly 30,000 social media followers, we feel that installing a consistent weekly feature is the best next step for Live And Listen.

"Live And Listen" is a motto and a lifestyle. We strive to make a difference in the community through charitable concerts, while providing bands and festivals with a unique, creative avenue to build their audience.  We feature various established and up-and-coming bands through a tireless social media campaign. We strive to help bands increase exposure to new markets and demographics.

All bands will have the opportunity to apply for this new weekly feature.  Our awareness campaign is aimed to open up new opportunities for exposure in markets and demographics that each band might be looking to reach.  To submit your application for Live And Listen's "Bands You Should Know", please send your electronic press kit to  Each application will be reviewed and considered in a timely fashion.

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Photo by Taylor Wallace: iWally Photography