Backup Planet Reveals Official Artwork For Sophomore Album 'Reactions' March 30, 2017 15:26

One of the southeast's hottest up-and-coming bands, Backup Planet, is gearing up for an exciting weekend, as the band is set to release its sophomore studio album Reactions on Friday, April 1st.  Since the release of their debut album Element in March of 2015, Backup Planet has established itself as a pillar of the southern jam scene, while touring across the country and making appearances at numerous major music festivals. Today, the band has revealed the official album artwork for Reactions, which will be available for download and streaming through all major online music outlets tomorrow.

Recorded in Birmingham, AL with producer Jason Eglin, Reactions perfectly captures the diverse nature and truly dynamic sound of the Backup Planet experience.  Gavin Donati (guitar) and Ben Cooper (keyboards/vocals) set the tone with the album's explosive opening track "Bad Man," which carries over into the heavy-hitting "Different Life." The album's title track "Reactions" carries a super nostalgic vibe, showcases the band's emphasis on harmony vocals, and leaves plenty of room for some serious, wailing guitar solos.  "Looking Up" and "Little Mingo" give a glimpse into the band's more mellow, bluesy side, while giving each band member an equal chance to shine.  

Those familiar with Backup Planet will recognize "Destination Earth," a true rock ballad which has been in the band's rotation for several years but has been rewritten and completely reworked for the album.  Bassist Blake Gallant takes on lead vocals for "Waist High Jack," which you will easily find yourself singing along with by the second chorus.  "Sublimation" makes for another explosive track, full of heavy guitar riffs and some mind blowing work from drummer Chris Potocik.  Cooper saves some of his finest vocals and funkiest playing for the albums final track, "All In," which features a nice balance of just about every sound Backup Planet has to offer.

Backup Planet has the rare ability to lock in an audience from the opening notes of any performance.  There is never a "down moment" at any point with this band, and Reactions perfectly captures that unique energy.  This album has the feel of the truly dynamic Backup Planet experience, while also showcasing just the right amount of mainstream appeal.  In a world with an endless amount of new music, Reactions is without a doubt one of the most well-rounded, complete albums you will come across this year.  Expect big things from Backup Planet in 2017, as this album may very well be the catalyst that takes things to the next level

Regarding the overall concept of the album artwork, the band had the following to say:

  •  "The album is a culmination of the events of the last year.  The band was hit by a drunk driver and lost their van, instruments, everything.  On top of that their next van got robbed and a lot of gear was taken.  Episode 3 of the Countdown explains it well: Episode 3 live.  The entire year was a reaction to the culmination of those events and choosing to not only overcome adversity and just get back on our feet, but to come out swinging and make a statement.  The artwork and the album itself is meant to represent a reaction or the concept of reactions.  Of course there is a Space theme running through almost everything Backup Planet does, so this is meant to conjure images and ideas of Space but it is also meant to be a visual representation of an event, and how all events trigger reactions.  We tried to articulate the concept of a how an event triggers reactions that cause outcomes in all directions."

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