An Interview with Nida Threet of The Locust Fork Band October 14, 2015 11:43


The Blueberry Jam Sessions will be held on Weeks Bay Plantation in Fairhope, Alabama on Sunday, October 18th and Sunday, November 22nd at 2:00PM.  On Sunday, October 18th, we are thrilled to welcome The Motet as our headlining act, as well as The Locust Fork BandNew Madrid, and The GateBand.  Both events will benefit the WISP Foundation, aimed at raising awareness for safe and organic farming.  We recently caught up with Nida Threet, vocalist of The Locust Fork Band, to gain a little insight on one of Alabama's longest standing bands.

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The Locust Fork Band was born in Tuscaloosa, AL in the early 70's and quickly became a staple in Alabama's music scene.  When looking back over the years, what were a few of the bands biggest highlights?

Nida:  The Locust Fork Band formed in 1974.  Southern Rock was the key ingredient in the beginning.  In 1976, with the addition of 2 female singers, the music added the flavor of western swing, rhythm and blues and songs that featured 4-part harmonies.  Some of the personnel has changed throughout the years, but original members, Bill Marshall, Kent Peterson, Dwight Williams, Nida Threet and Rick Byrd maintain the sound of the Locust Fork Band.  

Musically, highlights include playing around the Mobile area for Joe Cain Day during Mardi Gras, City Stages in Birmingham, and more parties than we can remember at the University of Alabama and Auburn.  Throughout the years, we have been blessed to make many friends while on the road playing across the Southeast.  These friends have become staples in our lives over the past 40 years.  I think the friends we have made is really the biggest highlight of our career.  Every time we play, we hear another story of the influence we have had in the lives of these folks and this, above all else, is the biggest highlight for us. 

Locust Fork offers an eclectic, diverse sound; a necessary quality for a band with such longevity.  The variety of Southern Rock, Rhythm and Blues, and Western Swing music offers a little something for everyone.  Who would you say were some of the band's biggest influences?

Nida:  The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, The Band, Asleep at the Wheel, Bob Dylan.

This Sunday afternoon, Locust Fork Band plays Baldwin County's newest outdoor music festival, the Blueberry Jam Sessions.  at 6:00 PM CST.  How much time has the band spent playing in Lower Alabama over the years?  What do feel makes that area so special?

Nida:  We've been playing in lower Alabama since we started in the '70's.  Thirsties, Trinity's, Judge Roy Bean's, The Lumberyard, The End Zone...all honky-tonks that no longer exist.  But, these clubs were very much alive when we played.  We have always loved playing down here and have a great following.  We played Joe Cain Day during Mardi Gras many times beginning in 1976 in the graveyard in Mobile.  So many people turned out for this party, the city moved  it to Bienville Square the following year.  After a few years there, the party moved to The Lumberyard and then across Mobile Bay to Judge Roy Bean's and on to parties on the Bay at Camp Cullen.  We love this area and are really looking forward to coming back down here has been too long and we look forward to seeing a lot of long-time friends again.

Another one of Alabama's longest standing bands, The GateBand, is also scheduled for Sunday's events.  I know the roots run deep between the two bands.  How often have you guys shared the stage, and what do you enjoy most about The gate Band?

Nida:  We became close friends with members of The Gate Band when we were all playing the bar scene and college parties in the '70's.  If there was ever a time when we were in the same town, we would find our way to sharing the stage with these guys.  We all have a mutual respect for the musicianship of the members as well as the attitude of fun times.  

For those who will be seeing LFB for the first time on Sunday, how would you best describe what they can expect for the band's early evening set?

Nida:  I think folks can expect to hear great music and truly enjoy themselves.  We usually surprise people who have never heard us before, because they get to see old folks like us still crank it out and enjoy doing what we love the most...making music for our friends.  

The Locust Fork Band is scheduled to play the Blueberry Jam Sessions on Sunday afternoon at 6:00 PM CST.

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