Rising Funk-Fusion Act Displace Set to Release Sophomore Album "Undertow" & Embark on National Tour June 7, 2016 13:13

Tampa-based funk band Displace is set to release their sophomore album, Undertow on June 25, 2016. Self recorded in Tampa by Vinny Svoboda, bassist for the band and founder of VATS Productions, along with help from the band’s drummer Tucker Sody and guitarist Sam Dobkin, Undertow builds on the themes touched upon in the band’s first album Eureka! while showing great improvement in the compositions, improvisational aspects and overall musicianship at the same time.

Undertow, literally defined, is the force that pulls water into a wave. With this in mind, Undertow starts appropriately with ‘Accidental Necessity (Part II),’ as the first sound featured on album two is a reversed sample of the note that ended album one (Eureka!). The wave of album one breaks and is sucked back into the undertow as another wave forms. From here, we roll back past the shallows of the Beatles-esque earworm ‘Float,’ and it becomes clear that the wave is beginning to form. Duality is explored in ‘Two Worlds’ where complex rhythms break way to ponderous Floyd-inspired choruses. The funky ride back toward the forming wave is expressed in ‘Friction’ and ‘Mantis,’ which are rump-shaking tunes through and through. ‘Soup’ and ‘The Flight of Admiral Archibald’ outline ascension to the crest, while ‘Garden’ serves the role of your humble narrator. Scattered throughout the album, the ‘Ellipses’ trilogy gives the listener chance to come up for air while the current carries on beneath. Undertow was entirely self-produced from top to bottom and is meant to be listened to as a continuous piece of art.

The band will host a live preview of Undertow with commentary on Tampa’s WMNF In The Groove radio show Tuesday, June 21st from 10-11PM. On June 25, 2016 the band is hosting an album release party at Crowbar in Tampa with support from St. Petersburg locals Holey Miss Moley, and local house DJ K Slat. This show doubles as the culmination of a three show pre-party run for The Great Outdoors Jam, following shows in Tallahassee and Jacksonville. The band will partake in The Great Outdoors Jam in Mount Dora, Florida and Dunedin Brewery’s 20th Anniversary Celebration the next week before embarking on a three-week national tour. Their first national tour takes them to Tuscaloosa, New Orleans, Austin and two weeks in Colorado.

“Holly Bowling sat in on “Hillsborough River Rapids.” Sam Dobkin was playing a world of guitar, and they blew up my favorite song, “Geonosis Shuffle,” with the rhythm section (Vinny Svoboda and Tucker Sody) anchoring everything.” – Scott Hopkins, Musicfestnews.com

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