Future Rock Releases Fifth Studio Album 'Long Ago' May 16, 2016 16:31

Words by Brett Hutchins: Live & Listen

With Chicago being the birthplace of American electronic music, it should be no surprise to see bands emerging regularly from the city. Electronica trio Future Rock continues to do just that with their latest release, Long AgoAs a live act, the bass-drums-keyboard trio has built a reputation for scorching, full-throttle, multi-sensory experiences and is a hit on the Windy City scene. 

One of the main criticisms you often hear about electronic and especially house music is that such heavy emphasis on groove takes away from the actual song.  With this latest record, it’s clear the band’s intention was to turn that idea on its head.  

Listen to Future Rock's new album Long Ago here:

The most obvious way they achieved this was with the use of Chicago-based Americana singer-songwriter Anna Soltys. On paper the combo may seem like a stretch, but her vocal presence on four of the seven tracks works magnificently, creating a grounded, moodier aesthetic and a sense of lyricism that’s both nostalgic and hopeful of the future at the same time. Lead track “Take It Back” is the best example of this, with a house backbeat and lyrics encouraging the listener to follow through on things long forgotten.  

Don’t let the subdued vocals fool you into thinking this record is not a party, though. The standout track for me is instrumental “Pathfinder”, with tempo changes and styles that snake from a basic reverb-laden intro to drum and bass to majestic keyboard-driven heights. 

Watch Future Rock perform "Pathfinder" here:


Future Rock also went out on a limb and rented a professional recording studio for the first time in its career. Tibault Bowman – you may recognize him as futuristic house act Thibault - was recruited to produce the record. That combo of fresh tools and gifted people has given the band the sound they were after – one that embraces both groove and memorable tunes. 

In a sign of the times and the forward-thinking approach of the band, Future Rock’s entire discography is available for free on its website. The new release “Long Ago” is also available on 1320 Records, record label of electronic rock pioneers STS9. 

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