As We Remember the Purple One, His Legacy Lives on Forever April 23, 2016 11:37

Words by Taz Jones of FamousDC / JusticeAid

Prince Rogers Nelson wasn't just a prolific musical visionary, though he certainly was that. And he wasn't just a modern day Mozart for his stunning instrumental talents, though he certainly was that too. Prince united decades of time, generations of people, cultures, races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders and more. On top of that, he blended them all into one unified presence that he personified with every ounce of his being. Prince taught us to abandon boundaries, disregard definitions, and embrace the wonderful diversities in our world that make life worth living. Prince taught us that nothing in life is binary - black or white, one or the other. He taught us to be weird.

He also threw one hell of a party, and he did often. For Minnesotans, their native son was always amongst them, joyously welcoming the public to his home Paisly Park for vibrant, music-filled gatherings. Prince was Minnesota’s friend, their family, their therapist, and their soundtrack. Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges put it perfectly on the day of his passing, writing that, “Prince never left us, and we never left him.”

Prince never left those of us in places far from Minnesota either, and he never will. Prince understood music’s strength to heal, to empower, and to galvanize. He understood music’s force to compel even the shyest observers out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Prince understood how to create a cathartic dance party experience. That legacy will never disappear. His brilliance will live on in our hearts and souls forever.

The world didn't lose Prince this week; he was never of this earth to begin with. Wherever he is now, we'll still hear him at every turn. And whether we’re downhearted, exultant, or ambivalent, he will be there to get us through. We'll play his music loud, joke with friends about his larger-than-life aura, and dance together in his honor because that is exactly what he would have wanted. We will carry his legacy onward for future generations to learn from, and we’ll ensure that his mission to inspire individuality never ceases.

Prince was not a man. He was a symbol, and symbols never die.

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Watch Prince's halftime performance from Super Bowl XLI: