The Disco Biscuits Kick Off SweetWater 420 Fest With Terminal West Pre-Party April 22, 2016 14:39

Photos and Words by Taylor Pack: Live & Listen

Every year, Atlanta’s favorite brewery Sweetwater Brewing Company celebrates their flagship beer 420 Pale Ale and America’s fastest growing holiday by throwing a blowout festival; full of great bands and an abundance of tasty beer. This year, SweetWater knocked it out of the park yet again when they released a lineup featuring the jam bands scene's biggest party animals, The Disco Biscuits. Shortly after, Atlantans were delighted to hear that the Biscuits planned to throw a festival pre-party on Thursday and an after party on Friday at Terminal West.

As expected, The Biscuits tore the roof off of Terminal West to open up what will be full weekend of premier live music in Atlanta. With the rain pouring down outside and an abundance of purple lasers flying inside, the band and their crew did an excellent job paying respects to the late great Prince. The first set featured a vintage "Munchkin Invasion", but the real jewel of the night was the second set, as the band weaved in and out of “I-Man” and “Voices Insane” in a way that only The Disco Biscuits can.

The Disco Biscuits are set to perform on the main stage at SweetWater 420 Fest in Centennial Olympic Park this evening, with a late night show at Terminal West to follow.  


I: Let's Go Crazy (RIP Prince) > Munchkin Invasion, King of the World > Basis For a Day (ending only), Kitchen Mitts

II: Voices Insane (fakeout) > I-Man > Voices Insane > Tricycle > Voices Insane (fakeout) > I-Man

E: Story of the World