10 Things You Didn't Know About McLovins July 6, 2016 16:45

The driving force and inspiration behind Live & Listen lies within providing various artists, bands, and music festivals with a unique, creative avenue to build their audience and reach new demographics.  Whether it's an established, nationally touring sensation, or a young, aspiring up-and-comer, we are all about promoting the bands that we truly believe in.  
We first learned of a young band from Connecticut called McLovins back in 2009, shortly after the band stormed onto the jam/festival scene as teenagers.  Since that time, we have kept a close eye on this four-piece, and their progression and growth over the past seven years has been nothing short of astounding.  This band has developed into an eclectic, nationally touring act with a unique energy and powerful stage presence.  And with that being said, we thought we would share 10 unique facts that you might not know about McLovins.  
  • McLovins were named by online fans who first discovered the band. 
  • The band was recently included on Broadway star Lin Manuel Miranda’s US Weekly playlist
  • McLovins' eclectic sound stems from a wide range of influences like The Flaming Lips, The Band and Wilco.
  • The bands most current album McLovins was produced by Grammy award winning 'Hamilton' producer Bill Sherman. 
  • The band is currently on a national tour with a full Fall schedule to be announced shortly.
  • Drummer and lead vocalist Jake Huffman is also a composer for Sesame Street.
  • The band promotes shows with an inventive series of episodes called "Atticus Facts".
  • Although the band writes tight and formulaic songs, when performed live, many songs contain improvised and extended elements making every show unique. 
  • All four band members share song writing responsibility with a new album coming early next year.
  • McLovins also strongly recommend that fans wear their seat belts. 

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