Funk You Adds Dates With Perpetual Groove, BIG Something, CBDB, + More September 27, 2017 19:57

Words by Jordan Kirkland: Live & Listen

Augusta, Georgia's Funk You is hot on the trail yet again. The super soulful six-piece is in the midst of a busy 'end of summer' run, and they don't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Earlier today, the band announced a 22-date fall tour, which kicks off with a hometown throwdown at Augusta's Westobou Festival. From there, Funk You hits many of the southeast's premier venues, including the Charleston Pour House with BIG Something (10/27) and Revelry Room in Chattanooga with Perpetual Groove (11/2).

Mid-November will see the band New Orleans, Texas, and Colorado. Funk You will then return to the southeast for a show in Dublin, GA (11/22) and Funksgiving Music & Food Festival with CBDBSoul Mechanic, and The Talismen in Montgomery, AL (11/24). See below for a complete list of fall tour dates, and make sure to follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for all of the latest updates from the road!

Watch Funk You perform at GPB Music Studio here:

Oct. 5 / Augusta, GA @ Westobou Festival 2017

Oct. 6 / Charlotte, NC @ Heist Brewery

Oct. 14 / Greenville, SC @ GOTTROCKS

Oct. 26 / Savannah, GA @ Barrelhouse South

Oct. 27 / Charleston, SC @ Charleston Pour House w/ BIG Something

Oct. 28 / Manteo, NC @ Black Opal Masquerade Ball

Oct. 31 / Augusta, GA @ Sky City

Nov. 2 / Chattanooga, TN @ Revelry Room w/ Perpetual Groove

Nov. 7 / New Orleans, LA @ Paradigm Gardens

Nov. 8 / New Orleans, LA @ Portside Lounge

Nov. 9 / Houston, TX @ Last Concert Cafe

Nov. 10 / Dallas, TX @ Sundown at Granada

Nov. 11 / San Marcos, TX @ KIVA Lounge & Bar

Nov. 12 / Austin, TX @ ONE-2-ONE BAR

Nov. 15 / Amarillo, TX @ Leftwoods

Nov. 16 / Boulder, CO @ The Lazy Dog

Nov. 17 / Winter Park, CO @ Ullrs Tavern

Nov. 18 / Steamboat Springs, CO @ Schmiggity's

Nov. 19 / Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge

Nov. 22 / Dublin, GA @ Theatre Dublin

Nov. 24 / Montgomery, AL @ Funksgiving Music & Food Festival w/ CBDB & Soul Mechanic

Nov. 28 / Blacksburg, VA @ Sycamore Deli

Funk You's Debut Album "Apparitions" Will Haunt You In The Best Of Ways April 21, 2016 23:24

Album Review by Taylor Pack: Live & Listen
On Friday, April 22nd, Funk You releases their debut album, Apparitions. Formed in 2011, the six piece funk outfit from Augusta, Georgia was long overdue for an official release, and fortunately, Apparitions is an effort well worth the wait. Utilizing a rich collection of talent, creativity, and emotion, Funk You’s debut album not only impresses upon first listen, but clearly sets the band's standard of musicianship very high. Apparitions is not only the title of the self-produced album, but it also serves as an overall theme for the 11 heady tracks that comprise the record. Funk You’s ability to not only write and deliver individually great tunes, but equally as important, to organize them into a single flowing album is veteran. Lyrically, the band explores existential themes like the human soul and the supernatural with great sincerity and emotion. The music on the album is composed with great originality and taste, and executed with passion and skill. 
“Resolution” is the first track of the album, and one of several to benefit from the added horn arrangements by friend of Funk You and Augusta native, B Courtland Saxon. It is a powerful funk ballad with an ominous societal warning where lead singer, Gavin Hamilton, demands a change in humanity in order to save earth. “Ghost for Me” is a creative track credited to bassist Rob Thompson, but as this hauntingly melodic tune cumbersomely lurches forward, its performance thrives due to the band’s musical synergy. The interplay between guitarist, Evan Miller, and keyboardist, William Foster,  is delightfully eerie. The discerning contributions from Will Clark on the kit and Palmer Owens on percussion roll the tune ahead, slowly building tension until eventually, the track breaks in a dramatic resolution with more outstanding vocals from Hamilton. It is an awesome tune that can be played over and over again. 
Listen to Funk You's new album Apparitions here:
“Drifting” is the appropriately titled third track of the album and shows off the band’s versatility, as the tune takes on distinctly jazzy sentiments. The band’s beautiful playing and Hamilton’s soothing vocals are complimented by another guest appearance by Saxon, giving the tune a vibe very reminiscent of The Flecktones' earlier work. Funk You continues to roll on with the hard hitting funk rock song,  “Supernatural”. The whole band is firing on all cylinders for this one, especially Miller, who contributes a scorching solo that surely blew the roof off of Fractal Studios, where the album was recorded just outside of Atlanta.
Things slow down a bit for the sentimental track, “Slipping Away”, before building back up for the sixth track of the album,  “She’s So High”. Fans of Funk You will recognize this track as it is the only carryover from the band’s 2013 EP Funk You II. The only addition is the horn tracks and Amy Middleton Taylor for backing vocals. “Your Soul” follows as the next track, and gives the listener another example of the band’s keen ability to compose with its uber dramatic bridge/break buildup and final refrain that seamlessly segues to the end of the song.  
Photo by David Saenz Landazabal

“One Big Storm” is another song that stands out, specifically, for its creativity and taste. Lyrically, there is nothing new about comparing life and struggles to passing storms, but Funk You’s ability to translate the concept musically without oversaturating the theme,  makes for a very agreeable and unique listening experience. “Past is Passed” is an awesomely catchy tune that features the entire band driving ahead full speed one final time, before the album begins to wind down to a close. 

“Alone” seems to close out the album with its slowly drifting melody, but one final track remains. “Ghost for You” crackles into your ears with the distinct sound of a vinyl record, almost as if it were an afterthought, something leftover on the record, or maybe a ghost track. As the tune develops, the band's motive is clear: to give the listener one final dose of that hard hitting, Funk You sound, or as the lyrics suggest, “a ghost that you can feel”. True to its title, Funk You’s debut album, Apparitions, will stick with you. It is remarkable music that will haunt you in the best of ways.